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Make Your Own 20% Discount at Target

Simply go to this page and HIT PRINT COUPON.

Don’t print this page out, this is not the actual coupon.

The GiftCard is good on your next trip to Target.



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13 December 2012 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 5 Comments


  • I am not a math nut but as far as I see, if you receive an extra $10 for a $50 purchase, your discount is 16.67% not 20%. To get $60 in merchandise, you need only spend $48 to get 20% discount.

    • Rainman says:

      The Target Coupon allows you to print the coupon twice. (And only twice – but they have no problems with copies of the coupon being used as long as you meet the purchase requirements) So if you break $100 worth of Cars into two orders and use 2 coupons you would end up getting 2 / $10.00 gift cards. But wait …. – there is also a Catalina coupon that has been printing at Targets for an additional $5.00 off $35 or more in toys. Make sure you hit $50.00 before tax – give the Cashier the $10 gift card coupon first AND then the $5.00 off (done this way so the second coupon doesn’t take the total below $50.00 and invalidate the $10 GC with $50 offer.)And if done like a real pro – you already had a $10.00 gift Card to use as payment on this order (from Target’s last offering of this promo)…… any one want to do the Math on that???

      And to Frank – just install the coupon activator, print your coupons and then unistall it. No Big Deal, just a minor hassle and you get paid $10 (or more) for your time!

      Thanks to Met, as always for sharing this with us all. I don’t think he gets enough credit for how we all benefit from his time. And not just the time spent posting this but the research he does, responding to everyone who has a question or comment etc and so much more. (I crack a cold one or 3 and raise a glass to the guy!)

  • Frank says:

    Why can’t they make it easy for you instead of requiring you to install Coupon Activator plug-in in order to print.

    (MET: Otherwise, people would print out hundreds and sell them on eBay … yea capitalism or boo capitalism. 🙂 ).

  • Jack says:

    Wow 25 cars for 50.00 and 10.00 back. That’s awesome. Now hopefully my area Targets will get some good cars to buy. 250 Cars for 500.00 and 100.00 back sounds real sweet. C’mon Target get some cars and let me spend some money. God knows Walmart and TRU have been getting a good deal of money from me lately. Feel free to step up at a urine Target. Collectors are armed with cash and ready.

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