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Order An iPad From Best Buy – They Might Send You Five (& Charge You For One)
Posted in Internet on 9 December 2012
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Bought one. Invoice reads one. Charged for one. Got 5 iPads. While this customer called up Best Buy to try and straighten it out … Consumerist looked up the law .. ” (FTC) – Legally, anything that is shipped to your home is yours to keep. This is in order to prevent companies from shipping […]

Disneyland Parks Christmas Gift Card
Posted in CARS Land, Disney, Disney Pixar on 9 December 2012
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The 2-day Park hopper card is back and updated with a Christmas design – either $188 or $200 (kids/adults). If you’re staying for 4 days, the Costco Park Hopper gift card is better as it’s $259 per person but you get a $50 Costco gift card “rebate.” Both cards expire in early Spring.

Disney California Adventures “Off the Page” Signing Event
Posted in Disney, Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 on 9 December 2012
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Yesterday was the day Chip Foose & John Lasseter was at the store to sign CARS items … Thanks for the nice photos, “Nikko.” Apparently it did not go very smoothly … You had to get a numbered voucher and be in line when it was your turn but apparently after about #50, they decided […]