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If You’re Not Sending 14,000 Texts A Month, You’re Doing it Wrong…
Posted in Internet on 18 December 2012
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I hope you’re taking proper advantage of your unlimited texting … Via Huffington Post.  

Mattel is Hiring!
Posted in Toys on 18 December 2012
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Mattel is looking for a Sr Consumer Insights Analyst. Among your other duties … Analyzing research data that is gathered (qualitative, quantitative, and occasionally data from secondary sources), reporting research findings, and making insightful and actionable recommendations on behalf of Mattel brands. Let us know if you’re hired! 🙂

80% of Kids Don’t Know Toys R Us Has a Jingle
Posted in Advertising on 18 December 2012
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Clearly, Toys R Us is either not running enough ads or kids today have better things to do … (can you spot the two TV actors all grown up later? plus one singing star (who also worked as a kid actor for a while)) So, they held a facebook competition to pick a new Toys […]