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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini SOTS Custom & the Never Released

“Sam B.” sent us larger photos of his Mini Adventures Speedway of the South custom …

100% great but it makes us a little sad we’ll never see the rest …

And technically, Chick Hicks was never released in the US (in this form).

Thanks, Sam B – looks great – as usual.

Here’s a pic from my post from way back when (before Chick).

Mini MSOS2

You can also check out Sander P’s MINIS Speedway of the South custom setup.

And this was “NEXT” from August, 2009 …


So, while we got the top 3 2-packs on this list, that was it – we never got Vitoline, Gaspirin, Bumper Save or Fiber Fuel Mini Piston Cup racer released… (from this post).

Also don’t hold your breath for this … (Aroldo P. custom)

Apple Mini Side2

If you’re collecting them – don’t forget our checklist magazine! There is a PREVIEW if you just want to look at the pics.

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  • Bumper Save says:

    Cute! Too bad they never continued. I have seen a backdoor Bumper Save mini that a friend in China got.

  • collectormom says:

    We really liked the MA line, Mattel was finally making some good ones towards the end. Still wish we were able to get the regular Chick Hicks. We pulled these out a few days ago, I didn’t realize how many we had! Very glad now I decided to get the Mickey LMQ and Minnie Sally from Disney Land. Maybe someday I’ll make it to Australia so I can look for the Wheel Well/Lizzie set that was never released here.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Wow, such fantastic work! Love it! I’d love to buy a T5AD magazine which collects all of the great customs that can be found on here, CTT, and Cars Drive In Gallery. Maybe the artists would be into it if the proceeds went to charity.

  • cac1959 says:

    Very nice, Sam… I started collecting Minis when we couldn’t find new 1:55 diecasts in stores (sounds familiar, eh?)… I have all the racers that were released in the US, but had to resort to the 4×4 Buddies to get Chick Hicks (which was in a 2 pack with McQueen)… I had a chance to get the Chick Hicks with trailer from a friend in the UK, but had decided that since Mattel wasn’t going to release them all that he could sell it to someone else.

    A Mini SOTS would have been neat… a Ransburg Paint SOTS would have been great… A Mini Hauler set would have been neat… I liked the Minis that were painted as they were in the movie… The racers, the Tunerz, Bob and Darrell… those were my favorites… some of the other paint jobs looked like they were created by artists under the influence of Fillmore’s organic fuel.

    I wonder how the Micro Drifters of racers we don’t have as Minis will fit in with the Mini racers.

    Great trip back memory lane, Met…

    • cac1959 says:

      Great custom Mini Apple, Aroldo.

      • Fillmore1234 says:

        The only Mini Adventures I ever got were normal DJ and Wingo, Military Fillmore and Sarge, normal LeakLess and Nitroade, and Police Officers Red and Lizzie. Was really hoping I would find the normal Fillmore and Fillmore’s Festival Sally 2 pack, as Fillmore was (and is) my favorite character of both movies. Never even knew they made an N2o Cola Mini.

  • John in Missouri says:


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