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New Balance Shoes – Lots of Made in the USA Choices

New Balance shoes has a lot of MADE in the USA Choices (I believe they are only athletic shoes made in the US (Chuck Taylor’s were moved overseas after emerging from bankruptcy). New Balance’s factories are in Maine & Massachusetts.

They have custom choices plus a ton of other choices.

You can also check the Amazon New Balance store.

Of course, the New Balance shoe of choice for Steve Jobs was the 991 (replaced by the 992 and now the 993). It looks essentially the same after 20 years … yes, made in the USA and you even get a mini USA flag on the back.

There are also the new 996’s coming in a few month …



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7 March 2012 Gadgets 5 Comments


  • Bumper Save says:

    We’re getting less and less cars relevant as we go on it seems

  • Tom says:

    Just the high end running shoes are US made. I have a pair of all terrain New Balances that were made in China.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    In 2004, my squadron was in Hawaii for a training exercise. One night of shore leave I went to a beach party at Bellows Air Force base. The next morning I somehow woke up at Hickam AFB(thats is a whole other story), and had to report back to the USS Dubuque in a few hours. Well, my shoes didn’t make the trip with me back across the island. I had to report onboard barefooted. That went as well as you might expect. I had to go out in my flight boots that day to the Exchange, and buy a new pair of shoes. They had the 992’s on sale that day. First pair of New Balance I had ever tried on, and man,they are so comfy. I have been wearing the 992’s and 993’s ever since. I never knew about Steve Jobs wearing them until I saw the post about his action figure.

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