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Amazon’s Toys of the Year

It does not look like they actually want any voting … well, other than with your wallets.

It’s funny that the Top 2 games are electronics games made back into 3D object game play.

That Justin Bieber one is hilarious. In his world, I guess he’s taller than a Tour Bus … Did anyone buy a Fijit, Mattel was counting on that one to bring in the huge bucks this Christmas?

You can check ’em all out here.

The Amazon CARS Clearance is over but McQueen Alive is @$37 shipped.

There are also a scattering of CARS items that are “shipped free” among Amazon’s 1,700 CARS listings that’s priced reasonably so if you’re looking for a few CARS, including CARS 1 diecast, check it out.

Len Van with Stickers (well, roll of the dice if you get the sticker) $4.79 shipped. Miles Meat for $9.99, Padre for $7.99, Leroy Traffik with Snow Tires For $10.99, or the Pope for $10.99 shipped.

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