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Disney Fantastic World of CARS Magazine is Available

While there was a magazine available in Europe for years, the US did not get a CARS “activity” magazine until now …

Yea, it actually came out last month but I stacked a bunch of stuff on top of it so when issue #2 arrived, I realized it was time to write it up.

It’s chock full of games, cut out activities, puzzles and a short comic. And it’s nice that they just didn’t take the older stories from the Europe issues from two years ago but write up new stories – for instance this comic has a mystery and Finn helps out to solve it – and fun to see Finn at the MSOS.

So, fun for kids from 3-9 (I’m guessing) though most of the puzzles and games are for slightly younger kids, the comics are fine for older kids who are CARS fans …

Unfortunately, unlike the EU versions, there are no additional toys or other goodies included … the poster is inside printed on regular stock paper.

These do not seem to be available in stores? You can subscribe to it directly HERE. $29.92 for 8 issues

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8 December 2011 Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 5 Comments


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