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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Petersen Museum Exhibit Opening, Part II

No, you did not miss Part I of the Petersen Museum Exhibit of: “From Silver Screen to Diecast – Disney Pixar CARS Imagined by Mattel.”

But I figured the bigger interest would be the CARS not released from CARS 1 …

Mariela P. & Julia B. were kind enough to represent T5 on the private opening day – and take plenty of photos, thanks!

Before you look at the photos, you might want to lock and soundproof your computer room so the kids cannot hear you scream certain words at the top of your lungs* … you should also consider taking your high blood pressure medication, do a few meditation calming koans or put on a drool bib … or all everything.

*The same words your kids might use along with crying if they see these photos … and why you’re a mean mommy/daddy/gramma, grandpa for not buying these.

Er, blame Matty.

And the words underneath?

Bud RV

Clown CARS … we could use another CAR with an afro …

Convoy Brothers


Syd VanderKamper

Trev Diesel with face plate expression for that quick swap to other expressions … yea, we could use a different expression Trev like we could use another expression Submarine Finn … or something like that.

Yea, they know how to hurt a guy with just a bug …

There are also the Autobahn Boys, Benny and Nelson (not as exciting) – some from our original post a year+ ago … when the world held such a promise …

And hey, on the bright side, with all these haulers not hauling to your house, you have much more room to store your My Little Pony collection

Get your motor on the easy idle … it’s not coming. πŸ™

No Retread and No Fiber for your fuel …

Upset? NO Tank Coat to sooth your empty shelf space …

No all-ages appropriate Tow Cap comment HERE.

The view from here – it’s Zed, zed, zed.

It might be vitoline but it ain’t coming …

Thanks for the great pics, Mariela & Julia!

So, will Petersen have to replace a lot of glass from people pounding their heads against the display? Or will you move the Occupy LA protest to Mid-Wilshire and start chanting, 99% MORE CARS, HAULERS & RV’s …

Many more pics to come later! Thanks!

Don’t forget the auction is TODAY at 11:00ish

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  • dskywalker01 says:

    This exhibit was a gigantic finger to Cars collectors… good lord. It is downright criminal that they don’t release those haulers!

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      It would take an experienced model shop like the one Mattel has about two or three hours to make each of those Hauler mock-ups. They likely did a cost analysis and decided they wouldn’t sell in sufficient quantities.

      Mattel makes toys for kids, not collector’s items. The bottom line rules.

      • dskywalker01 says:

        …implying that kids were not also crazy about the haulers.

        The thing that killed the Hauler line the first time was poor case assortments. Stuff like Mack, Gill, and Trunk Fresh were over packed and sat on shelves due to being in multiple cases.

        New haulers such as Mood Springs, Shifty Drug, and Viynl Toupee flew off the shelves.

        I needn’t mention the Bumper Save hauler which was hoarded the instant it came out by the CarsTheToys brigade… and then Mattel canned the hauler line and focused their efforts on Lenticulars (which remember was a kid focused line) which rotted on shelves.

        The haulers were great toys AND collectors items… Mattel is leaving lots of money on the table by not producing them.

        • Mack_me_Bucko says:

          We as collectors do whine a lot, and it would be wonderful to get these haulers — but I’d calculated before that collectors are barely .01% of Mattel’s market when it comes to cars.

          • dskywalker01 says:

            .01% really? I am not even going to address that point because you and I both know it is false.

            The Cars line is one of those special lines where kid and collectors enjoy most everything released… that includes haulers.

            Mattel even has the gall to keep 3 haulers on store shelves IN 2015! Amazing that they can’t just throw a Shiny Wax or Gasprin in the WalMart assortment… its just a matter of different dye and stickers!

            • Mack_me_Bucko says:

              There was a report here on T5AD that Mattel had gross sales in 2013 (I think it was 2013) of $4.32 billion. There are almost 75,000 registered members of this website. If each of those members spent $1000 a year on Cars merchandise, that would be $75 million in sales. That would mean those Cars sales _could_ be as much as .017% of Mattel’s gross.

              Now, how many folks do you know that actually spend $1000 a year on Cars merchandise? Thus my estimate of .01% of Mattel’s total sales to collectors. We statistically don’t matter to Mattel.

              It’s a shame, but it’s also a reality.

  • sidewall74shine says:

    So, are these ever going to be released. You said that Nelson, Benny, Syd, and Bud would be in a large deluxe Matty line, along with a few others, and the circus cars and Convoys would be on Matty? Now? I really want these, and the rest of the RVs. Hey, I’d even rather Mattel just stop cars 2 cars, deactivate them and bring back cars 1 and put these up, along with some later megas, like Chuck and Brian, that were hard to find.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    HA! Shiny Wax Hauler wasn’t even THERE!! πŸ˜›

  • LUCA says:

    O MAMMA MIA……… I want to dieeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Mariela says:

    To see those haulers in person was glorious! But is a torture at the same time, seeing all the rest of Cars 1 cars. Tank Coat’s roof looks very nice, and the rest have their own nice detail as well.
    We also love the Bug with wings, and not to mention Tokyo Mater with flames! 😯
    All the RV’s are pretty good size, but in most of them the main material is plastic.
    The Convoy Bros, were auctioned for another charity a while back, and they are not going to make them again. πŸ™ But I think we might have some hope on the haulers…

  • firefighteruk says:

    GIMMIE GIMMIE!!!!Forget Cars 2 Mattel, bring us these.

    Thanks for the photos Mariela P. & Julia B.

  • DDD says:

    Hear the auction went for $1500? Low???

  • Jack says:

    Happy I’m not there so I don’t get arrested trying my first robbery ever. I may not be able to not try and grab and run. Hey if you get caught you could always say the sign says in case of emergency break glass and you thought being able to grab all those new cars you always wanted qualified as an emergency. :).
    Seriously though yet to be produced and planning to release sounds darn good. I really and truly hope we see new Cars 1 releases and a return of some Toons too.

  • jestrjef says:

    SSSSSSSSS!!!! (said as I pass out falling to the floor lol)

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    I don’t know what the Crying smiley consists of on here but I would definetly use it right now if I could. Mattel totally killed the end of this line, and it was even worse for me how the Final Laps were only at Target. I’m surprised I got what I did on that- only 6 Cars.

    It’s sad to say that I don’t care for the Circus Cars. They would have been so easy to make. I’m ashamed Mattel didn’t get into the RV line. The Convoy Bros and Syd VanDerKamper are what I’m mad about.

  • cac1959 says:

    I want them all… I would gladly buy them all at retail… I am not alone… Not going to hold my breath waiting for Mattel to come through though.

    Thanks for the great photos… I need to decide if I want to head to California on vacation while the exhibit is at the museum or if I wait until Cars Land opens…

    • John says:

      Only my opinion, but I would advise not making a special trip for this exhibit. It is only one wall in one room and was not designed with kids in mind. I had to lift my guys up to see almost everything and that made each rather impatient waiting for their turn.

      Petersen Museum, if you are reading these comments, please install steps or a long box in front of the display cases.

      I think Cars land will be far more worthwhile… perhaps Mattel will move this exhibit there in June 2012?

      • cac1959 says:

        Thanks for your feedback… as much as I’d like to see this exhibit in person, I think Cars Land would be more enjoyable… My wife would be much more interested in Disney Land and Cars Land, and it’s easier with schedules to vacation in the summer as opposed to the spring…

        Now to get the people making the decision to move the exhibit to Cars Land… at least the parts that don’t get sold at the auction.

        • NascarFan says:

          I do not think they should be auctioned off period. For any of these to sit in someone’s private collection and never been seen again is a shame.

          Hopefully they will be bought by a retailer and then MADE.

          (MET: The disclaimer in the auction is that you only own the item, the underlying rights still belong to Disney-Mattel … though you can test your lawyerly skills fighting Disney AND Mattel πŸ™‚ ).

          • John says:

            The auction is actually just for the three RVs (and three production racers) that Met posted a few days ago. The finish of all of these prototypes is Mattel production quality (there’s an oxymoron!) leading me to think that these models aren’t one-of-a-kinds. The models look production ready.

            (MET: Yes, prototypes encompass all the varieties of prototypes as they have to get approved several times from concept to production to final production but since most prototypes number from 1 to a few dozen, they are sought after πŸ™‚ ).

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    “yet to be produced”

    still dangling that carrot so they can keep snatching it away

  • Mike H says:

    ‘yet-to-be-produced?’ I’ll throw that on the pile of other things that the smirk-faced Matty throws at me, and then expects me to fork over my hard-earned money for MOTU and Ghostbusters stuff.

    Trev and the Circus Cars are two that had me wide-eyed and agog. Seeing Trev in scale with the others definitely makes him seem too big to fit into the smaller display cases I have at work.

    I’m still of the persuasion that Mattel did too little, too late with some of these. If they struck while the iron was hot, and not given us the ‘mini’s,’ I believe the haulers and some of these items would have kept them going. I mean, it took 4 years to get all the SOTS racers. If they would have started the haulers up in the fall/winter of 2006, they may have given us everything…well, except iCar’s hauler and pitties.

  • Bumper Save says:

    I am not ashamed to say that I am almost crying right now. We need those haulers!!!

  • Jack says:

    OMG. I want them all. Have to say it was lousy of Mattel To promise us many of these but only make them for this.
    What a tease.

  • Mr. T says:

    Oh the humanity!! (Couldn’t come up with something cars related….too upset!) πŸ™

  • babychristiancars says:

    WOW wishing and dreaming for those, so sad we may never see them on the retail side.

  • John in Missouri says:


  • NascarFan says:

    Guys and Ladies and Kmart, Here is your next ideas.

    Here is the perfect post with photos for Kmart to be reading.

    You would be short on rakes in the hardware isles, since you could be doing just that.

    Raking it in.

    (thanks to Julia and Mariela for the photos. I did get the whole folder from Julia yesterday in my email box.) Now if I can only get the John Lassiter Set in my mail box.!!

  • NascarFan says:

    What are the words underneath?

    • John in Missouri says:

      Trev Diesel, Nelson Blindspot, Bud, and Syd VanDerKamper are special prototypes representing the small handful of characters that have yet to be produced in die-cast by Mattel from the original Cars film. While consistent in their standard 1:55 scale, there is a plan for these vehicles to become part of the collection and they will be even larger than Mattel’s current β€œoversized” die-cast Cars vehicles when they do.

      The Autobahn Society and PT Flea’s Circus Troupe are additional special prototypes representing character vehicles that have also never been publically released in die-cast by Mattel.

      • Fillmore1234 says:

        Don’t forget these guys:

        1. Bertha Butterswagon
        2. Larry the RV
        3. Dan Sclarkenberg
        4. Kit Revster
        5. Mood Springs Pitty
        6. N2O Cola Pitty
        7. Cora Copper
        8. Bennie Caliper
        9. Studs McGirdle
        10. Percy Hanbrakes
        11. Leafy McQueen
        12. Mater w/ Cone Teeth
        13. Bernie Banks
        14. Sarge w/ Howitzer (or whatever that trailer he carried behind him in his shop was called)

        And there’s probably more that I can’t name off the back of my head.

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