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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Last CARS Roundup – Vote Your Top 10 (With Exclusive Photos!)

Two special holiday treats for all of you.

We not only get a special first look at some of the last prototypes for CARS 1 but also a chance to vote for the Top 10 Most Wanted out of these.

There are no guarantees of anything but the information will get passed along to the proper powers that be and who knows, we might see these on the shelves as we head towards the countdown to CARS 2 in June 2011 … so make your opinions heard by voting.

So, look them over carefully and click on the SURVEY LINK at the bottom of this post …

You are only allowed to vote once.

You will be required to login with your name-nickname-login (not your email) and we will track the responses from your computer address so while other collectors in your household can vote also – no ballot stuffing, more than one vote from “you” will not be counted so thanks in advance.

The survey is very straightforward, sign in and then select your TEN MOST WANTED CARS from the list of 17 CARS.

You must rank them in order from #1 to the one you want the most to the final & last 10th choice. You can only vote for one choice per number. Don’t worry, the survey is set up so if you try to click on the 4th choice (as an example) for 2 different CARS, your vote will be auto changed. You are not required to vote for 10 if you do not find 10 choices that you want.

You are free to change your results as much as like but once you click DONE at the bottom, you are done, dude.

So, enjoy the beautiful and pretty pics and then open a tab on your browser to toggle back back and forth to look and vote.

Or in reality, start scrolling – faint, get revived, look at the rest of the photos, take some heart palpitation medication and then get to click voting … or maybe that’s just me.

All international voters and votes are welcome!

In alpha order …

Albert Hickey

The Autobahns (set)

Barry Diesel

Benny Brakedrum

Bernie Banks (with camera)


Circus CARS (Set)

Clayton Gentlebreeze

Convoy Bros (Set)

Doug RM

Larry RV

Nelson (With Camera)

Pit Crew Member Mack

Studs McGridle (with camera)

Syd Van DerKamper (no accessories – grayed out in front)


Vroomarpundas Bug

YES, I AM DOING ALL I CAN TO NOT COMMENT 😉 … as to not affect the voting.

Click HERE to VOTE

If a second browser-tab does not open, you might want to – as a way to double check you are voting for the right CAR.

Then feel free to come back and comment and shill & campaign for votes. 🙂

Thanks for voting!

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1 July 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 63 Comments


  • buckland-blowouts says:

    OK – You know I just want them all. BUD top’s it thought – But I want them all… (X2)… Of course…

  • rhalf says:

    fun to do 🙂
    trev i would say…kids love trains, so nxt to the car an plain models it would do great…but might be a little bigger as said

  • NO Lenticulars says:

    Trev would make a great motorized LEGO train!

    • danrio says:

      A motorized Lego train would be great, but Trev was released in a short and stubby (but otherwise close to scale) version in a GeoTrax set earlier this year. I picked that one up because it fit nicely in my display cabinet next to one of the haulers. Photo on request.


  • Carlos says:

    Nice. But, I do have 4 things to say:
    1. Make them all non-lenticular.
    2. Give Syd VanDer Kamper the pool, trees, & flamingo accesorries.
    3. Add clown Darrell to the set, without him it’s not much of a set.

  • Dolly says:

    Well, awesome!!! Will be nice if they release ANY of those to the end of this Year.

  • Forgot I also want Barry because of the cans.

  • NeoSK says:

    albert is cool, just a bit ‘too long’

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    My 4 yr old freaked out about Trev! He’s been talking about him off and on for two years now. Love the RVs, especially the group shown on the Hauler cardbacks preceding night skyline. How about a Dinoco and Rust-Eze tent?

  • LoolarMcQueen says:

    Here’s our rank:
    10. Nelson (fun accessory!)
    9. Bernie Banks (my wife likes the color)
    8. Larry RV
    7. Clayton Gentlebreeze
    6. Bud (classic RV!)
    5. Barry Diesel (loved his few seconds of screen time with the “beer hat”)
    4. Trev (actually don’t care much, but my son LOVES trains)
    3. Vroomarpundus Bug (stunned we need to vote for this)
    2. Albert Hinkey (I’m your biggest fan! – one of the only choices in the poll that has LINES!)
    1. Convoy Bros (simply awesome – and how can you say no to FOUR RVs?)

  • Here are my top 10 cars I want:
    10. Pit Crew Member Mack
    9. Vroomarpundas Bug
    8. Circus cars
    7. Syd
    6. Bernie
    5. Studs
    4. Nelson
    3. Convoy Brothers
    2. Albert Hinkey
    1. Trev

  • deal or no cars says:

    How about a kind of “SOTS , Van RV Limited Edition” let say a huge box with 15-20 RV’s of all kind ! .. Who’s In this time ??? only thing please do not sell it on Matty Pillsbury website ..

    Met could set up a selling section right here ?????

  • Lorri says:

    Loving Nelson and Studs!

  • TrboTrex says:

    Not really interested in any of them what I NEED is a TACH-O-Mint my soon to be 4 yr old has beeen asking for this one since we got the meet the cars book about 1.5 years ago.

    (MET: Can he wait until October?)

  • NC says:


  • Carlos says:

    Question: Will all of them be made, or just the Top 10?

  • dikenlitel says:

    Cars with details should be counted in IMHO. Vans and vans and vans too. (Beware, openers, lots of dust too !!!)

    .. and yeaahh, cameras too.

    I want them packed in “Ultimate Gift Pack” with a nice arena diorama parts to locate the audiences and the reporters, a customizeable giant correct scale screen to display your own digi photos of your and/or your children’s moments of playing the Cars, ….

  • Dingo says:

    I want them all! Albert and Trev are my top two picks…

    Does it mean anything that some are screen shots and some look like diecasts/models/whatever you want to call them (not screen shots)?

    Make them all!

  • DJBENNETT22 says:

    voted!i dindnt see all the choices on the servey.

    • NascarFan says:

      SURVEY instructions above:

      “TEN MOST WANTED CARS from the list of 17 CARS.”

      You must rank them in order from #1 to the one you want the most to the final & last 10th choice…….You are not required to vote for 10 if you do not find 10 choices that you want.

      From the SURVEY page:

      You can select only 10 Cars to rank from 1-10 so some answers will be left blank. You can only select ONE answer for each of your Top 10 ranking choices

  • jmularczyk says:

    I’d like to see Trev first but only if he’s kind of to scale. He should be at least the size of a hauler. After that Albert Hickey, Convoy Bros, Barry Diesel, Bud, Clayton Gentlebreeze. I’m an RVer and I’d love to see anyone one of them made but would prefer all of them.

  • Shadow_Faststart says:

    I’d buy ’em ALL!

  • AlbertHinkey says:


    Can anyone guess what my vote will be?

    I’ll take5 of number one

  • BrianD says:

    Not too interested in the Bug or Circus Cars – would rather have the various campers from the movie.

  • Mike H says:

    My eyes bugged out at the sight of Trev: he’s a planned release!?

    Love all the motorhomes, but I just feel it may be too late for them. Plus, I wouldn’t have enough room for them (the same reason I haven’t collected the racer semis.

    My top choice would be the Circus Cars, with Trev a close second.

  • ScoobyDoo says:

    I am still hoping for the Alpha Numbers set (those 74 cars forming “P I S T O N C U P” on the speedway 😉

  • HOOKEDonMATER says:


  • ca_roxygrl says:

    I say…MAKE ALL!

    Even though, personally, I love RV’s especially in sets. Sets means MORE of them : )

  • Mr. T says:

    come on…. just make them all already!! And release them in great numbers so we can find them!!!

    or better yet….. for those who completed the survey, figure out the cost of each and sell them as an exclusive TFAD set!!

  • Carlos says:

    Question about the Autobahns. Will they be lenticular? I hope not.

  • BMW says:

    The 100 characters in the Disney book Meet the Cars are the ones that I want made. All of them. The RV’s would complete all the characters except for Alarm Clock. The remaining Cars Characters not yet made are on the final lap coming list. So these are the must haves on my list:
    R.M RV
    Larry RV
    Albert Hinkey RV
    The Convoy Brothers: Great for a four pack
    Syd Vanderkamper RV

    But where is Alarm clock?

  • Kevin says:

    I want them all, but one question why is the Circus car that looks like Darrell missing from the picture, they can’t leave him out they are a set.

  • Bob Eckel/TheeNaughty Knight says:

    I just hope no one wastes their votes by picking something that is ready available EXCEPT in a different color or has a red noise painted on it… POINT IN QUESTION… WHY VOTE for another EVILS LOOKING RV – (Larry RV) WHY VOTE for the Circus CARS (Set) – Chick Hicks with an ORANGE HAT, GUIDO with Red Noise and painted pruple etc… COME ON VOTERS THINK!!! Cars 1 was about the RACE CARS and the FANS (RV’s) and the CAMERAS that was recording the event, both before the race, during the race, after the race, and then………later in Radiator Springs when McQueen was found… CAMERAS, CAMERAS, CAMERAS!!! NO TRAINS, NO CLOWNS, NO TWO TONE TRUCKS, NO VANS WITH BIG EARS (Mirrows) VOTE NO NONE NONSENSE…VOTE for the GOOD of the STORY, not how cute pruple GUIDO looks as a 3 year old throws it agains the wall!

    • Roswell says:

      well why dont you vote for whoy uo want to vote for and other people can vote for who they want to vote for, thats how it works!

      saying people are wasting thier votes for voting for trev or the circus cars is kinda stupid, just cus you dont want them doesnt mean other people dont, they could easily say there are too any camera cars already so dont waste a vote for them!

      • quercy says:

        Since day one I pray to have TREV. This is one of my favorite from the movie… don’t under estime the taste of the fans…

        • Roswell says:

          exacly, i would get a trev, but i would want it to come with some coaches!

          i would much rather they made fome more regualr crowd cars then more cars with cameras!

    • GeorgeHP says:

      Can’t we all get along? You afraid of clowns? 🙂

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    save the best for last I suppose.

    How about this silly idea. MAKE THEM ALL!! 😉

    Some tough choices, but Barry Diesel is my #1. With Convoy Bros., Trev, and Bug right behind. Albert Hinkley would have been #1, but he is kinda odd looking. And can’t have Van DerKamper without his accessories. Both are still top 10 though.

  • NascarFan says:


    Should have given top 15 choices

    Agreed, make them all, however getting the smaller cars easier ones out first and then a series of motorhomes seemed the easy route

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      I knew FWD would be there, but would have put small odds on Gask-its.

      I am thinking Kmart Day 5 will be alot busier than the last few.

    • quercy says:

      I have some reserve on that ebay posting. The description says unopened, but the pic is showing it loose and it says from RACE-O-RAMA… I am souspicious and it may be a CUSTOM what ever he says… I would like to see the unopened one!

      • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

        This guy somehow always has the latest unreleased releases just before they hit the shelves. I don’t know how he does it, but I think this is no custom and would almost guarantee that Gaskits will now be released at the next Kmart Day.

        Also, do I win anything for calling this???? 🙂 🙂
        I mentioned in a post somewhere ages ago that Gaskits should and probably would be released this year at Kmart Day including FWD and Tachomint. I was surprised they weren’t at the last one.

      • babychristianscars says:

        To be able to easily get more fauxwheel drives would be just amazing, not to mention owning gaskits.

      • babychristianscars says:

        Awesome choices of cars, trev and albert are definite needs. And since I collect the cars in my son’s memory the clown cars.

    • quercy says:

      I am a bit desapoint CHUY is not part of that list… Oh well, I guess he will be on the next survey 🙂

      (MET: Chuy is done – will be out soon).

  • Strip Weathers says:

    I don’t like how Albert Hinkey has been done; not very real and too long…although the rest are quite good.

    • lou says:

      i think he looks awesome! remember people these are diecast TOYS, it’s not always easy to make it exactly to scale, size, appearance, etc., but the intent and idea are definitely there.

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    Is the best diecast line or what?

  • lou says:

    i want them all!

  • mattmartin says:


  • jestrjef says:


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