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Virtual Food Shopping
Posted in Advertising on 8 November 2011
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In Korea, Tesco has set up a QSR virtual supermarket while you wait for your train. Point, click and it’s delivered to your house. There’s also a corporate video. Of course, if they did this with toys, a certain retailer will mail you Finn McMissile no matter what you point and clicked at. 🙂

Tweet If You’re On Fire
Posted in Internet on 8 November 2011
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I’m sure this is just a photoshop but it should-will be real very soon. Run away first, then tweet. 🙂 Or from the UK series, the I.T. Crowd. (no embed).    

Disney Pixar CARS 2: Disney Store Oil Rig Playset + Tokyo 10 Pack
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3, Disney Store on 8 November 2011
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The Disney Store not only has a CARS 2 Oil Rig Platform playset, it’s now on sale … While you get 3 plastic cars with this playset, notice that the ramp is conveniently wide enough for a certain 1:55 scale diecast lineup … 🙂 Plus it has lights and sounds – the flame on top […]