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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Walmart.com Getting Started …

Unlike Target.com with a lot more items listed already, Walmart.com is still more sparse with CARS though there are better photos of the “launcher carrying case,” World Grand Prix Race Launcher: ($26.97) and it’s available as free SHIP TO STORE.

But that looks like the only SHIP to STORE item for now.

The Shake ‘n Go World Grand Prix track looks pretty cool.

They also have the Gear Up & Go Finn available for pre-order.

& Siddeley the Spy Jet.

And the exclusive Stephenson the Spy Train.


You can find the rest of the Walmart.com offerings here.


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  • MICHAELP says:

    I have already seen some of the toys in stores already.

  • MCL Sydney says:

    after seeing the race launcher in real life….it does remind me of a horse race cage… 🙂

  • Tom says:

    Still not excited about the weaponization of Cars…

  • John says:

    John Lassiter said that the movie had a Le Man’s start which was dropped. That’s the 10 launcher…

  • bobbyjack says:

    The 10 car carrying case reminds me of the starting gate at the Preakness. It would be cool if there are only going to be 10 race cars in the World Grand Prix, but I think there are more than 10. Why not make a case with a place for each of the race cars in the race?

    The Gear up and Go Finn would be awesome if it were in scale with the 1:55’s. But then it would be harder for Mattel to sell us all the Finn varients.

    Siddeley. Yeah, gonna get him on Monday.

    Stephenson? Seems like junk. If you are going to do a train, do it right. Maybe TRU would be better off doing a wooden one that can run on Thomas tracks. I might get that one. Even a GeoTrax one would make more sense.

    • John in Missouri says:

      You ask “why not make a case with a place for each of the race cars in the race?” — don’t forget this is made by the same folks who brought us the 16-Car “Race Case and Track” five years ago, even though the initial launch had 21 characters!


      Once enough Cars were out, we bought a second one, removed the images, took photos, and applied the new images to the case. Nowadays, we would need about 15 more to completely hold the entire collection!

      • bobbyjack says:

        After doing some research, there are only 9 World Grand Prix Racers coming out in the first wave. I guess Lewis Hamilton and Rip Clutchgonski will be released at a later date.(Kmart Day maybe?) Which brings the total up to 11 race cars. Why only put 10 spaces in the case? Somebody is going to get left out!

  • cac1959 says:

    I see that they’ve also got the Cars2 GeoTrax sets… not sold in stores… The Eiffel Tire is awesome… I think I’m easily going to buy all the GeoTrax sets over time.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Launcher carrying case looks fantastic!! Might have to splurge for one for the kids.. It looks like you can actually store tons of cars and it launches too which is AWESOME!!!

  • corinne says:

    Does anyone have info on the spy train ?? Is it nice or plastic junk ?? Does it have wheels on the bottom ?? what size is it ???

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