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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Target.com Taking Orders + Free Shipping

Target.com is taking orders for products ready to ship on May 16, 2011.

They are offering free shipping on a lot of the products so you can save yourself some gas. (There is tax unless you live in a sales tax free state, of course).

You can also save on some possible disappointment as there are stores who might not get everything you want and of course, you can return most toy items to a Target store if you decide you don’t want it.

The items that are exclusive to Target and with free shipping:

Lights & Sounds 4-Pack

There are 3 of the 4 CARS Lights & Sounds are shown. The 4th is either Mater is Finn McMissile so if you’re collecting the 1:55 Lights & Sounds, it’s your solid starter set plus at @$8.74 each, you’re probably saving a little as they are normally $9.99 each at Target. You can check out a demo of the L&S in action from our post a few weeks ago.

However, that looks like the ONLY Mattel Box Set offered with free shipping.

You can however get some of the Airhogs CARS with free shipping including the Zero Grav one that will climb walls and ceilings:

Or the 1:43 scale Lights & Sounds RC (not zero gravity):

Hasbro Sorry Sliders

I’ve never heard of this game but it looks pretty fun – looks like it’s “Sorry” but instead of a circular path, you traverse a race track – looks pretty good. The only board game with free shipping.

There are also a Lego Duplo set with free shipping:

Lego Duplo CARS 2 Pit StopAll the CARS 2 books & DVD’s are available with free shipping.

The rest of the box sets seem to be available online but with NO FREE SHIPPING.

Racing Rivalry 7-Pack

There is also a new 7-pack that has popped up with a SPOILER ALERT name …

Toyko Victory 7-Pack

It appears to be exactly the same as the Racing Rivalry 7-pack except for Darrell Cartrip instead of Raoul Carole – presuming the photos are correct.

Racing 4-pack #1

Racing 4-pack #2

Racing 4-pack #3

And for Racing 4-Pack #4 – the first look at Lightning McQueen Fan (thanks to all those who sent in the photo).

Racing 4-pack #4

Racing 4-Pack #5

And another surprise car – Carla Veloso Fan is in this 4-pack …

So, will these last two actually be on the shelf next Monday? These are in CASE B & C coming down the lineΒ  before June 24 so Target.com may have jumped the gun a little – it might not actually ship for another month but hey, anything is possible.

Happy shopping.


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