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Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Answers to Your Questions ….

Last week,we asked if you had some questions, now we have some answers.

I only have one question. Are Cars 1 cars done forever?

Well, forever is a long time … but for the time being, yes.

Will Lizzie ever be rereleased as shes not on the buying matrix?

Apparently she will appear in CARS 2 but as for a diecast release, it would seem logical but lofic also would dictate she would’ve been re-released by now.

I would like to know where do you think all the cars the retailers took from the shelves to make space for Cars 2 wave will go. I mean, what discount stores are more likely to have that stuff once Mattel cleans the wharehouses?

I think most retailers have been winding down CARS for a while so I’m not sure there were a lot of return items. I think the last 30-75% off took care of most of the rest. As for anything left? We’ll know eventually …

Do you know how all the cars loose that are on e-bay leak from the chinese factories.

The short answer is that they are either lifted from the back door or production rejects that were supposed to be recycled. Mattel seems like they are tracking them more closely by the stamped bottoms so they seem to be stealing them before they are stamped so no production dates.

Another question, searching for some information (on T5) is quite desperating some times.

Yea, unfortunately, the blog software is not really designed for archival retrieval. We are planning on adding some features. Feel free to ask any questions if you can’t find any answers.


Yes we need another 100-year war over this. 🙂

Why is there no release of Cars 2 or even Cars 1 items this year at SDCC 2011. Should we expect a “Surprise Release”???

It does not look like there will a CARS SDCC Car.

Why did Mattel distribute some Cars 1 as International releases only? Chuck, Stu Bop, El Materdor. Will these ever be released stateside?

I would imagine El Materdor will make it into the next batch of Toon releases but Chuck & Stu Bop?

Is K-Mart going to release the last 4 rubber-tired Piston Cup racer singles (Apple, Lightning, Chick, and King) or what?

Kmart Case contents coming soon.

Met, will there be an international set, like the “Speedway of the South” set?

I wouldn’t count on it. It’s just too complicated doing an international only special offer with language requirements. It’s just easier to do a Us release but available to worldwide buyers.

What is going on with the assortment of deluxe cars and RVs that we voted on that were supposed to be an online retailer exclusive?

Either KM wasn’t interested or interested in the right quantity so as of right now, they are not on the schedule. And with CARS 2 going full blast, it’s definitely not happening in 2011.

Are we EVER going to get the N20 Cola and Mood Springs Pittys from the Collector’s Book?

Almost certainly not likely in 2011.

What happened to the supposed Clown Cars set that was supposed to be a MattyCollector exclusive?

With CARS 2 going full blast, it’s most likely not happening in 2011.

Are you guys working on guides and checklist magazines for Final Lap, Toons, and Lenticular series and when do you think these might be available?

The Toon one should be done soon – then look for the Final Lap one.

Are there going to be any “chase” cars with any of the new releases?

They seem to indicate they were going to continue but perhaps in later case in 2011.

What percentage of metal must a car drop below to not be considered a diecast anymore?

Technically, the “diecast” metal injection into a mold was once only available to metal so diecast became synonymous with a ‘metal process’ but now, you can use polymers or ceramics using that process so in theory, almost any material can be considered diecast. So, in collector terms, nearly everyone associates ‘diecast’ as metal but now technically and legally, it simply means a material injected into a mold so technically-legally speaking, everything is a diecast.

My question is the following: If we align all the existing diecasts CARS 1 back-to-back, can we reach the moon?

The moon is about 238,857 miles away or about 15,133,979,520 inches away from Earth. Presuming that each CAR is on average 4″ – we would need about 3,783,494,880 CARS or about 3.78 BILLION CARS to reach the moon. So, sorry, not quite there yet.

Are there any more tall tales being planned?

There seems to be at least 4 discussed at one point or another – another rocket-spaceship one, a pirate one, a baseball one and an IRS agent one (kidding about the last one). My guess is that they will pick up again this Fall? Maybe with a new one attached to the DVD for CARS 2 this November? I would presume more diecasts are coming – maybe not until early 2012 but maybe as early as this holiday season?

Are there or will there be any exclusive Disney Store Cars in plastic cases that will not be made by Mattel also? (Ramone Union Jack? Ape?, ?)

I would think the Disney Stores will do some exclusives.

Will McQueen’s Biggest Fan, Albert Hinkey, ever get released?

Hopefully one day but nothing scheduled as of now.

will kmart have a display case for the rubber tire set

I doubt it.

Why did the last round of haulers NEVER show up anywhere in some cities?

The distribution was definitely strange. I think it was a combination of poor assortments for retailers in early 2010 so they lost interest in re-ordering, and them preparing for CARS 2 that they decided Haulers were just not worthwhile so only a few small retailers and supermarkets ordered any.

When you eat your smarties, do you eat the Red ones last? Do you suck them very slowly? Or crunch them very fast? Eat that candy coated chocolate, but tell me when I ask, When you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last?

The SMARTIES in the US used to be fizzier but they stopped making those so I have not eaten any smarties in many a year. Bring back the CO2 Smarties!

Will they be using some of the Toons characters in Cars2?

It certainly looks like a bunch of Toon CARS are in CARS 2 – especially Tokyo Mater.

How do you get you information?

By reading Take5ADay.com and just copying everything onto TakeFiveADay.com – shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Why are you keeping your identity a secret?

It’s no secret. Once I take off my red metallic flying suit, I’m just another guy who lives in a glass house.

Why do all cars have plastic eyes!??!?!?!?!

If you have your cataracts removed, you too will have plastic eyes. See, we are becoming CARS.

When did they realize that they were going to stop releasing new cars (however temporarily)? If they are relaly done releasing new cars, why did they number the Chase Guido and Luigi the way they did – why not use them to fill a hole in the numbering system?

Well, there’s a schedule but nothing ever goes according to plan. Hence, the gaps and holes. Personally, the CARS numbering system is/was fairly pointless – you either number everything or not at all. All you do is create confusion or as with CARS 2 already, error cards.

Why would Damaged Hudson Hornet not get a release? It seems like such a great die-cast for them to play with.

Yea, I think it just lost in the shuffle to CARS 2.

why do hot dogs come in 10′s and buns in 8′s?

Well, apparently since bun bakers and hot dog makers are not the same companies, they don’t care very much about syncing. Apparently baker molds are/were created to divide into 12 – their standard unit of measure from many other 12 duodecimal measurements (inches to foot, 2 x 12 hours in a day, etc, etc …) while 10 hot dogs equaled a pound so they each worked in the parameter of their trade … and apparently unlike the peanut butter jar guy walking down the street who ran into the guy holding a giant hunk of chocolate, 10 guys who walked around with hot dogs never bumped into 8 guys holding buns so until that day …

How should Chuy be pronounced?

Chewy. I believe it is a nickname for guys who have the name, Jesus.

Will Mattel put out a 2011 collector’s guide as they did for 2009 & 2010? If so, will they include odds on an actual release?

I’m going to say no because I think they had to seriously scramble to sell off the few they printed in 2010 – once WM said no, I doubt they want to go through that again since it’s a lot of work to get everything approved before it’s released.

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