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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Speedway of the South – 42 Losers

In one of the first lines we hear in “voice-over” from CARS is the line …

“1 winner, 42 losers, I eat losers for breakfast.”

Meaning, of course, there are 42 OTHER racers out there … just as with a typical NASCAR starting grid – 43 cars out there.

We were sure of the 36 before the Motor Speedway of the South set came out and now, obviously we have confirmation. The 36 are …

In alphabetical order by sponsor:

Bumper Save (#90) – Ponchy Wipeout
Clutch Aid (#121) – Kevin Shiftright
Creme Filled Gask-its (#80) – Sage Vanderspin
Dale Jr. (#8) – Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dinoco (#43) – Strip “The King” Weathers
Easy Idle (#51) – Ruby “Easy” Oakes
Faux Wheel Drive (#54) – Johnny Blamer
Fiber Fuel (#56) – Brush Curber
Gasprin (#70) – Floyn Mulvihill
Hostile Takeover Bank (HTB) (#86) – Chick Hicks
Leak Less (#52) – Claude Scruggs
Lil Torque Pistons (#117) – Ralph Carlow
Mac iCar (#84) – Axxelo Fission
Mood Springs (#33) – Chuck Armstrong
N20 (#68) – Manny Flywheel
Nitroade (#28) – Aiken Axler
No Stall (#123) – Todd “The Shockster” Marcus
Octane Gain (#58) – Billy Oilchanger
Re-Volting (#84) – Davey Apex
Retread (#79) – Paul Inngas
Rev-N-Go (#73) – Misti Motorkrass
RPM (#64) – Winford Bradford Rutherford
Rust-Eze (#95) – Lightning McQueen
Shifty Drug (#35) – Kevin Racingtire
Shiny Wax (#82) – Darren Leadfoot
Sidewall Shine (#74) – Slider Petrolski
Spare Mint (#93) – Earnie Gearson
Sputter Stop (#92) – Murray Clutchburn
Tach-O-Mint (#101) – Greg Candyman
Tank Coat (#36) – Eugene Carbureski
Tow Cap (#4) – Rusty Cornfuel
Transberry Juice (#63) – Lee Reukins
Trunk Fresh (#34) – Dirk D’Argostino
View-Zeen (#39) – Ryan Shields
Vinyl Toupee (#76) – Crusty Rotor
Vitoline (#61) – James Cleanair

And of course, I’m sure you have all the names & numbers memorized? You do, don’t you? Don’t make me scramble them to test you 🙂

So, where is the other 7?

The short answer (unconfirmed) is presumably they did not think anyone would bother to count … just as there are only 21 pit stalls.

Who is going to stop to count?

Little did they know that millions would raise their hands. 🙂

People have studied it frame by frame for 2 years now and while there are other “sponsors” stickers that appear throughout the track and in other scenes, there is no definitive proof that they are the main sponsors of a racer. There are no definitive haulers, for example, that we have not matched up with a Piston Cup racer. There is one faint possibility as there’s one in a shadow where the answer is not obvious but it’s not definitive and so … well, not definitive.

Who are the other 7? Well, there are CARS in the video games that are not in the movie and there are dozens of books where other Piston Cup racers might appear … but they are not answers from the film and as of now, do not exist in the film’s canon.

Pixar might make them canon one day and then Mattel can release them as Piston Cup racers.

So, for now, we wait. Gee, if there only other cars, planes, trains, playsets, racers, haulers, and expanded universe CARS to hold our interest until these 7 come out …

But if you absolutely need a animation-is-like-life answer, he goes. 43 CARS passed qualifying as usual. However, by the time race day rolled around, 3 had engine troubles right away, 2 were suspended for trying to cheat, 1 guy had some bad gask-it’s the night before is still spewing tranny oil and the last guy withdrew for personal reasons (something about how he forgot his tow cap and visitation rights … you know the story).

So, relax – buy one of the other 275 CARS … and for CARS 2, they’ll realize there is a reason people bought a Blu Ray and 70-inch screen … so when McQueen goes F1, goes drifting, goes rallying, goes LeMans, goes GT and goes street racing, each grid will be complete and the complete box of set 3,420 CARS2 racers will come with a free pickup truck to drive home in … in other words, be careful what you wish for …

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