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Scarface: What Could Be More Gangster Gangsta Than Flip Flops …
Posted in Advertising, Film, Marketing, Media on 22 July 2007
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Yea, nothing says ORGINAL G and GANGSTA than some flip flops. Is that the pop-pop of an AK? No, just Bob running from the stand before his Italian Ice melts … Well, in the new SCARFACE VIDEO GAME, Tony lives (sorry to spoil it if you were planning on buying the crappy game) – apparently […]

iTunes How To Guide For iPhone Newbies
Posted in Apple, Apple Mac, Computing, Gadgets, iPhone, Mobile, Music on 22 July 2007
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Since some 40-50% of iPhone users are reported to be newbies to the iTunes – here is a basic and beginners guide to getting music & video onto your iPhone (of course, if you’re new to iPods, most of this will also work for you). While iTunes is now the front end to syncing for […]