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iPhone: Flash R.I.P
Posted in Apple, Computing, Gadgets, Internet, iPhone, Media, Mobile on 9 July 2007
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While it’s easy to think of Flash as being a mainstay of the consumer internet era, the reality is that it was the equivalent of a Spray Paint Gun, in the hands of an artist, it was and can be art – bringing complexity and depth to a 1-dimensional webpage. However, the reality is that […]

PS3 price drop as of today
Posted in Gadgets, iPhone, Video Games on 9 July 2007
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Hmmm…new iphone or new PS3? Even at $499, the PS3 is over priced imo. For those that have been holding out, perhaps now is the time to shop away? Slashdot throws some more digital ink at the subject here. Riccitello is harping about making better games over at EA (Metroxing and I are both multi […]