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iphone Killer May Come From Open Source Linux Phone…or Google
Posted in Apple, Gadgets, iPhone, Mobile on 17 July 2007
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OpenMoko has released the developer version of its open platform cell phone called the Neo 1973. Neo 1973 is an homage to Marty Cooper who is credited with creating the first cell phone in 1973.  $300 and its yours! (more for the full bore developer kit). OpenMoko is a project to create a smartphone platform […]

iPhone: 2 Weeks, 200 Mini Applications
Posted in Apple, Gadgets, Internet, iPhone, Mobile, Music on 17 July 2007
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BTW, we have updated this post here – now up to 400 mini apps. Programmers are amazingly resourceful these days – give them access to HTML, Ajax and Javascript, and a challenge – there are already at least 200 mini apps for the iPhone. Note: Some of the links in this post are for the […]