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Discover card making changes to their cardmember agreements soon
Posted in Financial, Marketing on 10 July 2007
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Discover card will be introducing two new changes to their cardmember agreements 2aDay is told.  The changes will go ito effect after October 1, 2007.  Income from fees associated with credit cards is where banks make their dough not from reinvesting overnight the balances owed etc. Fee income is king to bankers but it should […]

iPhone: Finally, Email SMTP POP Settings That Pretty Much Works for EDGE & WiFi
Posted in Apple, Computing, iPhone, Mobile on 10 July 2007
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Yes, there is one very non-Apple like flaw in the iPhone SETTINGS. I’m NOT sure why they didn’t point this out or just pre-set it so people wouldn’t spend a day thrashing about trying to set it. I even had to walk outside and a distance to finally find a weak WiFi signal and finally […]