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When You Just Want To Pick an Internet Fight – This T-shirt Ought To Do It …
Posted in Internet, T-Shirts on 3 November 2012
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Someday’s you’re just angling for an internet fight. 🙂 This t-shirt ought to do it in the right household. 🙂 You can pick one at MySoti.

Old School Fan? Nothing Like 8-Bit Old School …
Posted in T-Shirts on 3 February 2012
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Old school? Check. Nerd Sports Fan? Check. Via Jack’

T-Shirts For TakeFivers
Posted in Design, Disney Pixar, Mattel, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, T-Shirts on 5 March 2009
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There are plenty of ways to show ones affiliation, angst, anxiety, pleasure, pain, and desire via the American propensity for t-shirts.  As such, we at TakeFive, thought you, dear intrepid readers, would establish a ken for our cotton based zen such as here. Shameless plug aside, I think it is time to survey our readership […]