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Posted in Squirrel on 16 November 2012
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Just for Friday… I think this falls into that urban lore story that may just be based on fact about how rodents need to constantly chew or their teeth will grow…yikes. I’ll blame this dude the next time our server gives us fits. Have a great weekend everyone! Tweet This Post

Cars Bellywashers Giveaway – WINNERS!
Posted in Uncategorized on 5 November 2012
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Congrats to the following two TakeFive winners in the Bellywasher juice contest: John in Mo Unixed You can read the original post here. Just drop your mailing address to Tizmanian (tizmanian(at)yahoo(dot)com) and I will get the goodies out to you! Thank you for reading and participating here on Take5! Tweet This Post

NEW CONTEST – Cars Bellywashers Giveaway
Posted in CARS, Contests, Food on 29 October 2012
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Hey there Take5ers! Tizmanian here with a new contest just for fun courtesy of our good friends at In-Zone Brands makers of Belly Washer and Tummy Tickler beverages for kids.      I really like the quality of their products as they are 100% fruit juice with no sugars added and nothing artificial. And the little […]

Swap Out Cheap Toy From Box At Retail With An Expensive One And Go To Jail
Posted in News on 10 September 2012
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I stumbled across an old report on is reporting who two of the geniuses that swap out inexpensive toys from its box and replace it with an expensive ones so they can get a scan of a cheap toy rather than pay for the more expensive one.  Over $2 Million stolen this way. […]

New Server Finally Up and Running
Posted in Uncategorized on 16 July 2012
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Well, we think the squirrels have finally stopped gnawing on the cables and have returned our website back to normal. If you were some of the readers and visitors seeing 500 internal server errors, the short answer is the migration our host completed for us was borked.  It took some time to figure out just […]

WINNER UPDATE: Who Won The Candy?
Posted in Uncategorized on 5 July 2012
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Take a gander over at the post that has been updated… WINNER UPDATE:Huzzah! A New Contest To Celebrate Metroxing’s 4,000th Post On Congrats to you…and Metro some $ coming to you soon courtesy of our intrepid readers! – Tizmanian Tweet This Post

WINNER UPDATE:Huzzah! A New Contest To Celebrate Metroxing’s 4,000th Post On
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3 on 1 June 2012
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Holy squirrel carcass on a skewer! UPDATE: Too many good choices for me to pick… so… courtesy of, we have our randomly picked winner (you know we love you all!): MIKE MANIFOLD! Congrats, Mike! Just drop Tizmanian a return email (sent to you a bit ago) with your mailing addy and I’ll run to […]

New Weeblets Mobile Developer Has New Free Kids App Featuring VeggieTales
Posted in Apple, iPhone, Mobile on 9 February 2012
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A cool new publisher of mobile apps for kids called Weeblets has just launched a new free app (ad supported natch) for iPhone and Android owners called Spotisodes. What the heck is a Spotisode?  Crudely put, think of it as a video-enhanced ‘Where’s Waldo?” type of game with songs.  More succinctly put, The VeggieTales Spotisode […]

Fuller Brush Contest – WINNER!
Posted in Contests on 5 February 2012
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And the winner is…..Mike Manifold!  Mike, shoot Tizmanian an email at tizmanian (at) yahoo (dot) com with your physical address so we can get your prize mailed out! We loved all of the entries in this one so we had to select the winner randomly.  More contest fun to come! Winner originally announced in first […]

New Image Zoom on Take5
Posted in collecting, Gadgets on 4 February 2012
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Hey Taker5ers! Tizmanian here with a little housekeeping… We just installed a new image zoom feature which should work on most of the images we place here. Click on an image and you’ll see a control bar overlay. Looks handy so let us know what you think in the comments. Not sure about how it […]