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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2018 Singles Case DXV29-757R Preview

While mst of these have appeared in other earlier cases, if you missed them, new singles for 2018: Shriram, Chris Roamin’, Markus Kranklzer and Sheldon Shifter.

The variant unibody Mater (look for the MADE IN THAILAND notice in the legalese).

New singles or card singles for 2018 – Chick Hicks with headset was a 2-pack only in 2017 and Rust-Eze Racing Center Lightning is no longer a Target exclusive.

CARS 2 racers – back after a year hiatus.

CARS 3 singles returning from 2017 (with new cards)

There is also a Tom Tow Truck Tom (not shown).

Looks like the actual cade code will now be inkjet on – no more guessing how many cases they have to order with the code already printed on … and MADE IN THAILAND on the box, the first time since 2006?

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