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Wonder Forge Game Reviews – Pictopia: Disney Edition, Star Wars Force Grab, & Star Wars Rebel Missions

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The good folks over at Wonder Forge games provided the Tizmanian clan three games for us to play and review.

We will grab them on a Take5 Carsma scale of 1 to 5 Piston Cups with 5 being the highest.

piston cup small

Piston Cup Award

The first up:  Pictopia

Master pictopia image

Pictopia is a Disney themed family trivia game that also has some built in features similar to Apples to Apples (another great party game) and clan Tizmanian enjoyed Pictopia quite a bit!

The game is for ages 7+ and is for 2-6 players which is great for all sizes of families.

My little Tizmanians are now 12 & 8 years old and it shouldn’t be a surprise that their depth of knowledge of characters in the Disney universe is deep and wide.  We all liked this game.

It plays quickly as you advance on a small ladder of play (see above image). The tricky part is second guessing what others think (as in Apples to Apples).  “You like Nemo better than Ursula in Little Mermaid?! What?!”

There are quite a few cards in the game with multiple questions on each so there looks to be quite a bit of depth to the game.  We enjoyed playing it as a family and the kids loved it!  Here is an example of one of the game cards:

Pictopia card

We give this game a top ranking of 5 Piston Cups!

piston cup smallpiston cup smallpiston cup smallpiston cup smallpiston cup small


Next up:  Star Wars Rebel Missions

Star Wars Rebel Missions game

This game will get your blood pumping!  A classic race against time, you must use resources and special abilities on each gamer’s card to defeat missions.

Once you have enough resources to knock out a mission, such as reprogramming a droid, then you enter that card’s code of three symbols.  Then the ticking game unit will either chime that you succeeded or it will blonk and you failed.

We had fun playing this game although the consensus was that there seemed to be too many decoy missions which means you have to keep going around in turn to try and defeat the next one – All while the timer is picking up more laser blasts sounds etc meaning you are running out of time.

We played this twice and the dreaded Empire defeated us both times.  This game plays up to five people and while we had four playing, a fifth would have been welcome.  This game is for ages 6+ and is for 2-5 players.  I think a few more rounds of this will kick that up a notch.

We give this game a solid 4 Piston Cups.

piston cup smallpiston cup smallpiston cup smallpiston cup small


Next up:  Star Wars force Grab


This game looked to be too easy on the box art but believe me it is challenging in a great way.

The game comes with 15 object from the Star Wars universe – from C3PO’s head to the Millenium Falcon to Jabba the Hut and more.

ForceGrab close up

That image above (from the good folks over at StarWars.com – Really detailed write up here too!)

This game plays very fast and is quite addicting!  The kids often won too…superior reflexes I must admit.  Ah, my little Padawans…they have learned well.

First, you roll out the 15 objects. Then you flip up one game card where you need to quickly match the object on the card with how you rolled them.  It may be none, 1, or a few and you need to grab only one corresponding

light saber which matches that card’s background color under the object (see C3PO or R2D2 on the card below)

Star wars objects

Sounds easy, right?  Ha!  Play with your kids and you tell me.  We were able to play this 4x in about one hour.  The way you toss the objects makes for an insane amount of variance so this will have deep playability.

We give this game a top ranking of 5 Piston Cups!

piston cup smallpiston cup smallpiston cup smallpiston cup smallpiston cup small

If you are looking for some Christmas gift ideas, be sure to stop over at Wonder Forge and check out their line of games and puzzles here.


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