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Mattel Pixar CARS: 2017 All Back to Normal

Know how I know?

Easter CARS are listed. 🙂

Sadly, we’ll probably not get these …

The only CARS listing is for Lightning, Sarge, Snot Rod & DJ but we can always hope …

Mater and the Easter Buggy (still in print).

More pics from our 2014 post.

BTW, if 48-pages is too much reading, there seems to be an abridged version? … with stickers and punch out cards … The Easter Buggy. If you pick one up, let us know the deal.



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  • Fallen Bumper says:

    The Cars from The Easter Buggy would be very nice, indeed. Also, wouldn’t mind a few Halloween Cars (Luigi and Guido, Mummy and Ghost accordingly, Devil McQueen) in addition to Drac Mater. I mean it’s pretty well established, if they’ll make it, we’ll buy it.

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