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Disney Pixar CARS: The Mater Easter Buggy Book

Mater & the Easter Buggy.

Mater & the VW Dune Buggy as the Easter Bunny/Buggy story bringing giant bolts/nuts & oil cans … er, not exactly like the Alsace tradition of an Easter Hare bringing Easter Eggs but close enough*.

No er, peep that these are ever coming as diecasts – of course, Easter Mater is easy.

Lightning is simple.

Lightning sports ears for a couple scenes … a couple pennies worth of plastic, no new diecast mold required … so easy to add on …

Other than Ramone looking slightly different, the rest of the townies look no different … other than accessories such as Fillmore with Easter motif oil cans or Guido with Easter motif tires … again, easy … as in easy piece of plastic accessory equals another $2 at retail …


This requires a little more production planning, McQueen in the Easter Egg design … but certainly relatively easy as it’s just deco …

The only real complicated commitment – the Easter Buggy …

Since we’ve had a couple VW Bugs released and we have Shifty Sidewinder coming

Shifty Sidewinder

Maybe we ‘ll get some Easter CARS next year?

There are plenty of holidays left for themed CARS … Moderified Mater for Arbor Day?

Mater & the Easter Buggy – available at Amazon. There is also a Kindle Fire color version (only works on Kindle Fire’s – not the Kindle software nor other Kindle’s).

*Wikipedia – Easter Bunny.

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