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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The TakeFive Complete Everything Checklist 2006 to 2015

For those who prefer your checklist in alphabetical order, here’s “The Complete Everything CARS Open Checklist 2006-2015”

Including ALL the Star Wars CAR WARS diecast from Disney Theme Parks.

!CARS Complete 2006-2015.pages

So, we’re at 908 to @1,053 diecasts if you’re collecting all along.

Click HERE to view the magazine preview or …

The Video Preview

The Year by Year Checklist 2006-2015.

Or if you’re only collecting CARS 1.

Thanks for your support of T5!

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  • biglou75 says:

    Who can I email/notify regarding errors or missing Cars from the catalog?

    (MET: metroxing (at) gmail.com)

  • RCcars5 says:

    So, this guide includes other brands like Tomica and Disney Store as well?

    (MET: Only 2 Tomy releases qualify in scale. The Disney Store releases in scale (around 8?) are listed – if you click on the magazine link, you can see a preview of every page).

    • RCcars5 says:

      I watched the video and I didn’t catch every single car, but I did see the Tomica Mach Matsou and Shu Pitty and Disney Store Big D and Barmaid. I was just wondering how extensive this edition covered other brands. Thanks for replying!

      (MET: THose are the only 2 Tomy CARS as the Datson 240Z should not be larger than THE KING and there’s been no release of a Shu Pitty in the US. The other Disney Store releases are either in a more scale like DS Frank or I-Screamer but the others are releases that Mattel hasn’t gotten around to like from the Toon, Paddy the cement mixer or as you note, Big D and the Barmaid. All and all, less than 10 out of the 900+ releases (NOT counting minor variants).

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