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Star Wars: The New Canon, Wave 2

The Star Wars Canon was reset so these are the ONLY CANON stories – more books and graphic novels have been released with more to come including the ROGUE ONE movie coming this December.

This is the next major novel coming …

Bloodline (Star Wars)


Plus if you haven’t been reading the comic books along the way, the “graphic novels” collections are out …

Star Wars: Vader Down

(collecting VADER DOWN 1, STAR WARS 13-14, DARTH VADER 13-15)


And Star Wars: Kanan Vol. 2: First Blood.


The rest of the new canon is listed HERE. Click on the GRAPHIC BELOW ALSO.

star wars canon

And of course, the new film is out on DVD-Blu Ray (in case you’ve been asleep).

sw force

And one for the kids, a 200+ page manga style retelling of the 1st three films.

Star Wars: Original Trilogy Graphic Novel


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18 April 2016 Disney Star Wars One Comment

One Comment

  • danrio says:

    Is Star Wars entering the Marvel Age, or is it the other way around ?

    Also, The current crop of Movies still bears the “Lucasfilm, Ltd.” brand. There seems to be no reference to “Disney”. I though Disney was in and George Lucas was out.

    Does anyone have any clarification on that?

    (MET: Disney is keeping the LucasFilm branding for Star Wars and leaving Disney off if it except in fine print. (The other studios are besides Disney: Disney Animation, Disney Toon, Pixar, Marvel, & Touchstone (for the occasional R rated film) … not a bad collection of banners. 🙂 Disney LucasFilm also holds the rights to Indiana Jones and DIG. Nice to only own Diamonds).

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