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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Artist Ramone, Leave the Gun, Get a Crease

Thanks for the nice pics, “John H.”

Artist Ramone is an interesting release.


It’s weird that NURSE GTO’s name plate got attached to this.


While he looks alike Body Shop Ramone (with the paint gun) from a few years back, his paint scheme decals looks very much the same but not exactly the same – mostly because they updated the mold.


One decal difference is the side panel decal is more rectangular now versus the pointed design.


The other difference is we’ve added the door crease back (missing on the Body Shop Ramone (with gun)).


And for some reason, Ramone only has ONE crease across his “mustache” now.


So, while he looks pretty much the same as Body Shop Ramone, Artist Ramone is different in more ways than one.

Thanks, “John H.”


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