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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Singles 2014 Preview – Radiator Springs

Continuing from 2013, CARS singles & multi-packs are grouped by theme – For 2014, “Radiator Springs” no surprise – comprises of the townies of Radiator Springs – all from CARS 2006.

There is an actual “new” CAR in this theme. Well, if you call a tampo decal on Sally as Sally with Tattoo as “new.”

Of course, it would be ultra cool if you could lift the spoiler to reveal the tattoo and close it (like opening Miles) but might be too much to hope for.

Tat Sally

But I think the ONE CAR that everyone is looking forward to in this theme is: LIZZIE!

Yep, Lizzie is scheduled. Her UPC is 746775345181 so she’s real in the bookkeeping sense …

Lizzie MC

Hopefully she gets in a few cases and not some from 2013 – one case and done – otherwise, you might as well call her an ULTIMATE SUPER CHASE.

The rest of the RS theme denizens? Fillmore, Flo, Doc Hudson, Mater, Cruisin’ McQueen, Purple Ramone, Hydraulic Ramone (the non Hydraulic version), HH PC Lightning and Luigi & Guido 2-pack.

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