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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Themes 2014 Singles Preview – Lighting Pit Crew

Continuing from 2013, CARS singles & multi-packs are grouped by theme – For 2014, the “Lightning Pit Crew” is pretty obvious. They pretty much just added headsets to the Pit Crew CARS that make up Lightning’s Pit Crew:

headset crew

Yep, Fillmore with headset, Sarge with headset, Mater with headset & 2-pack singles Luigi & Guido with headset.

Mater with headset was released as a KM exclusive single in 2011. Fillmore with headset was released as a KM exclusive 2-pack with Lightning McQueen in 2012.

“Allinol Blowout” theme preview here.
“Henchmen” theme preview here.
“Mel Dorado TV Show” theme preview here.
“Paris Tour” theme preview here.


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