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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Frosty Winterbottom In Store + New Numbers

“OzzieMum” sends us some great pics of Mark “Frosty” Winterbottom at his in-store signing event …


I guess if you did not buy something – this was his giveaway card.


The kids say hi! Cute! The smallest one looks like he’s wearing the official frosty hat and shirt!


“OzzieMum” also sends along this label indicating 21 boxes or 252 for this store …


Based on the known labels (early post – counts provided by Paul V, Jeaks and OzzieMum), we are at 803 cases (x12 in each carton or @9,636 Frosty’s).

“Silver Frosty” left a comment in the other post which I copied below. I just want to note that I have no insider info on how Target Australia works so it’s all just a guess based on the info on the label which seems to indicate they are solely for Frosty’s as it’s marked as such with a specific date they should be in stores for display. Now, whether they all go to a few major distro centers and then get sent to smaller distro centers and then to stores or larger stores get them direct, it’s impossible to say for 100% certain. I think ultimately, we’ll get a better sense on eBay – we can compare pricing/supply/demand based on last year’s Frosty’s numbers on eBay in the next month or so. The only thing we know for certain is last year’s was @4,000 produced. This year, there is no Super Chase indication meaning they are not treating it as a Super Chase (or capped at @4,000 produced). There is also no CHASE markings that it’s 1% of production (though of course, that’s meaningless as it could mean anything – 1% of the entire year’s run at all Mattel’s contracted plants? at that plant?) so at around 800 cases, we’re at @10,000 produced. If we include “Silver Frosty’s” note below, we’re at 1,515 cases or about @18,000 which seems a little high but not wholly unreasonable as the first years of CHASES were produced in quantities of around 20,000 each (ROR) – and as “SF” notes, they managed to sellout in many stores already. Australia has about 22-million people – so even 20k is not a wildly outrageous number. Or compare – the 15k of each CHASE or 4K of SUPER CHASES available in a country of 350 million people in the US. Plus, they presume a few might sneak out of the country to the US, Europe and Asia. So, even 18k to about 1-BILLION potentially interested people? 🙂 Also note, while the advertising says LIMITED, that means pretty much nothing. The card says nothing about limited. Basically it means it’s limited to this batch we ordered. So, we’ll see anecdotally how the stock situation seems in the next few weeks and then we’ll check into our supply & demand buddy, eBay after 35 days. 🙂

(@300 Target’s for 22MM is about a store for every 74,000 people).

COMMENT FROM “Silver Frosty.”

My case was for Melbourne (the second largest city in Aus and) from the Laverton, Melbourne distribution centre (up the road from Target Australia HQ) and had a carton no. of 267 of 715.

Is everyone sure that all 715 of these cartons would be of only Frosty?

I’m not sure if all 715 cartons would be Frosty cartons as I quickly saw the computer list of how many Frostys would go to each store in Melbourne and it totalled about 700-900 cars (not cases).

350 cars were delivered to the southland target store for the Frosty signing session and this was by far the most. These sold out before Frosty even arrived to sign and many people in the line were fuming! 95 went to the CBD store, 100 to highpoint, 50 to northland and various double digit quantities were sent to other Melbourne stores.

The advertising for Frosty also said that country Target stores wouldn’t be getting Frosty although I’m not sure if this is true. If it was only the metropolitan stores that received Frosty then it reduces the 300 stores number down substantially.

I would guess based on what Melbourne has received that therefore that there are only going to be 4000 metallic Frostys.

Thanks “OzzieMum,” “Jeaks,” “Paul V.” and “Silver Frosty.”

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