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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Themes 2014 Singles Preview – Allinol Blowout

Continuing from 2013, CARS singles & multi-packs are grouped by theme – For 2014, there is a new theme, Allinol Blowout – the releases from this theme seem to center around the Italian race scene where some of the racers get the laser treatment and blows up (not in a good way). (No spoiler alert 🙂  )

Releases under this theme – Allinol Blowout include:

Carla Veloso with Flames & Nigel Gearsley with Flames

Magen Carrar (Sally repaint)

Magen Carrar

Duct Tape Mater. I’m presuming it’ll be a piece of gray plastic. It would be cool if it were a real piece of duct tape but that’s probably too much to hope for.

Duct Tape mater

I believe the 5th CAR in this series is a re-release – Holley Shiftwell with Screen.

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  • Enzo says:

    Those are the 5 in the series? Really?

    What’s that sound? Why, it’s the bottom of a barrel being scraped.

  • carslover says:

    they are really stretching it with these choices
    allinol blowout should be race cars that blow up or lemons that caused it in my opinion
    mater with duct tape should be in a different category
    it’s like they made Carla and Nigel and then said what other cars can we stick in this catagory

    • MoMcQueen says:

      I’m having a hard time getting excited about anything I’ve seen so far for 2014. They’ve obviously got a mould working overtime for plastic cameras (a la deluxe Chuck and Nelson) so why not add a lemon with one to this category? Even the new two-pack from yesterday’s post doesn’t do much for me. I don’t think my little boys are going to want cars making kissy-faces at each other.

  • D J says:

    Hope Holley’s screen has an image from the race on it. I’m sure it does but you never know. Mater with duck tape sounds….interesting.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I’ve seen the Nigel and Carla on eBay, and already have one of the Magen Carrar. The mouth is different than Sally, more angry as befits the scene in the film. I can’t get excited about the duct tape Mater — I could make one myself much easier and cheaper!

    (MET: Interesting – so nice it’s a new sculpt).

  • Sally.sweets says:

    I can not wait for Mater with duct tape, knowing Mattel he will be a deluxe release lol. But Carla looks great too, I like the male Porsche. 2014 should be just as fun if not funner then 2013 was !

  • pwschuh says:

    Real duct tape would be cool yes, but over time would dry out and fall off.

  • snosno says:

    An ebayer had Carla w/ Flames and Magen Carrar. Mydogcallzero I think.

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