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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Walmart Matching Kmart Pricing?

While the Kmart $.99 oversized deluxe sale is unadvertised – hence, no price match from the competitors, “Anon” says that in one of his Walmart’s, they have done a price adjustment to match Kmart’s so if you’re at Walmart, you might want to do a price check scan – if it comes up a dollar – SCORE!

Keep in mind, this is NOT a price match but a price change in that Walmart store’s system – and it was not true in every Walmart in the area but one store but maybe it’s true in your local Wm also. Good luck!

Thanks “Anon.”

WM Price

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  • chevyman46933 says:

    i took a kmart shelf tag,and a picture of the tag at kmart on the shelf with my cell phone. took it to target showed them it and they priced matched the oversize kmart price, since they have dpci instead of upc i have also managed to get several 2013 cardbacks, ive bought about 20 oversized form my local targets for 99 cent. when the sale is over, i can simply use one of my 10 hydrofoil finns at target and exchange it for a new 2013 oversize i dont have yet (with the dpci numbers the same for 2012 oversize and 2013 oversize the prices will always be there same)

  • Cars4AandR says:

    Good evening everyone,
    Here in Northern Maine K-Mart does not…and I quote “get this sale information” so nothing at $0.99 for the Megas (Deluxe).
    Same thing happened when the regular Cars came at $0.99!!!! Selection is pooooor.
    Case A once that is it. The Silver Series from K7 & K8 are still on the pegs at $3.99…peg “warmers”.
    I asked concerning the June event and I knew more about it (thru T5) than they did…Nearest WM is 1.5 hours away and…same difference assortment wise…Case A.
    I am just hoping that the store gets at least a case for the “June Event”.

  • Ferris says:

    There is a Walmart near me that made an adjustment to the mainline singles when KMart ran the $0.99 sale on those and they have yet to set it back.

  • odisn says:

    It would help if we knew which Cars are coming up $1.

    Are those old deluxes? New 2013 deluxes? Singles?

  • BMW says:

    If only my nearest Walmart would do this. I would buy all the Petrov Trunkovs that are from the 2011 Christmas center store display. Offered to buy them all for 50 cents each 6 months ago and donate them, but management was sure these would sell..eventually. I will check the price scanner again.

    • John in Missouri says:

      I believe these are Deluxe.

      • John in Missouri says:

        Whoops, Met’s first paragraph implies that Walmart has it’s own Deluxe prices, but they are indeed Case F singles:

        074677518678 4 – DJ with Flames
        074677518684 2 – Mike Lorengine
        074677523978 7 – Harumi
        074677523984 8 – Sheriff
        074677523985 5 – Flo
        074677524026 3 – Greta

  • bobbyjack says:

    I got one of Kmart’s shelf tags to do a price match but haven’t tried to use it yet.

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