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Disney Pixar CARS: CARS Land Rose Parade Float

Spoiler alert – if you’re a rose parade fan who loves to be surprised by every float – don’t look, it’s an artist rendering of the CARS Land Rose Parade float (not to scale) … appearing on your TV or live in Pasadena tomorrow.


If you’re in Pasadena, afterwards they let grab the flowers or if you distract them, you should be able to walk off with Guido … I take no responsibility if you fail. 🙂

Thanks “Ev” for the heads up!

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31 December 2012 Advertising 2 Comments


  • Lane Change says:

    This is pretty neat, in fact I got a Facebook message from my friend who’s dad worked on and is driving the float in the parade. Totally can’t wait to go to Cars Land this year!!

  • Dunroamin says:

    I marched in the Rose Bowl Parade in 1992 with my highschool band. yes, I was a band geek. proud of it! lots of fun. Nearly lost a shoe in a pile of marshmallow. At least it wasn’t horse poop. Also played Disney and knotsberry farm same week.
    Now I’m just a Cars geek. (play litle music too)

    (MET: I can picture you standing on one leg retrieving your shoe while the next float, the Chiquita banana float and the wonder bread float comes bearing down on you … (CUT TO: Close up of baton twirlers screaming) but I cannot figure out the precursor part of your story, 🙂 Did the Fluffernutter float have an accident? Or did it fire marshamallow spread into the audience? 🙂 ).

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