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T5 Readers – Hello!

It’s always fun to take a snapshot and see who our audience is … (November 2012)

Hello Ukraine! Guess CARS are gaining in popularity there!

About 60% of you access us through Windows OS, about 29% via Mac OSX and 5.3% via Linux. Linux users will want to know at least one decimal place, right?

Most Win users are running XP or Win 7 but nearly EVERY flavor of WIN is represented … including 2 page views from MS Xbox (probably a guy who couldn’t figure out how to navigate out) ๐Ÿ™‚

But 172 page views via Microsoft ME, the most hated flavor of WIN?

And two serious holdouts, 80 page views from a WIN 95 user … but there is also 187 page views from a WIN 3.1 user! That is serious old school. Um, were browsers even invented when 3.1 was out? I bet you wrote your own browser, right? Congrats on being stubborn – it works, I’m not changing … or should I say – Hi Bill Gates! Glad to have you on board. Are you the guy who paid $30k for the Factory Set?

(99% of Mac users are running OSX).

The browser war is:

MS Internet Explorer (31.4 %)

Safari (21.4%)

Firefox (18.7%)

Chrome (13%)

For new readers – obviously many find us through search words (or search phrases) but just by words alone, here’s how many people found TakeFiveADay.com … I like that 5% of new readers found us through the number/word “2.” Take that Terminator 2!

Or that 1% of the found us through the use of the letter, “a.” Woohoo! Now to get the other 99%, we’ll be rich, I’ll tell ya!

But clearly we need improvement on the other letters …

cars 53414 15.4 %
disney 17781 5.1 %
2 16642 4.7 %
pixar 8493 2.4 %
diecast 6678 1.9 %
mcqueen 5793 1.6 %
mattel 3898 1.1 %
take 3747 1 %
a 3450 0.9 %
mater 3372 0.9 %

The Top 10 posts by readership (no surprises though an oldie makes a re-appearance at #10).











Thanks for reading!


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