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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: San Diego Comic Con Mater 2012-The Video Preview

It’s a little hard to see the lights so I shot the first “complete” video in the semi-dark as you pretty much know what Mater looks like.

So, Mater San Diego Comic Con 2012 is the Nice, the Acceptable and the Weird.

First, the nice/great.

When you press down on the TRY ME in the back without removing the plastic cover, the front panel lights up, there are sounds from the cute car on the screen and Mater offers most of his dialogue from the scene.

There is a minimal rocking motion also as part of the effect – well, more like buzzing. It’s also nice you get the 3 AA batteries “free” so you are ready to go.

And here’s what the front panel looks like lit up with sounds … Again, part of the nice-great, it looks pretty exacting from the film and the lights cycle through a few times and the music keeps playing after her dialogue. This is all great.

Now, the acceptable. It’s not an acrylic cover but heavy plastic. It’s actually screwed onto the base with the plate covering it so if you want an excuse not to remove it, it’s actually a hassle to unscrew the 6 screws, remove the plate and slide the unit by the plastic cover which has flaps AND screw the plate back on. This does allow you a second option of activating the controls because if you push the left washer “brushes” forward, it also activates the lights & sounds effect so either way you have the lights & sounds whether you want to keep the cover on or not.

The brushes do not move by themselves, they travel down the line when you push the left one.

WARNING though. if you remove the plate, do NOT turn it back over without screwing the plate IMMEDIATELY back on as when I turned it over, gravity moved some of the components out of alignment and I had to put them back in alignment. So, one option to consider is to box knife the plastic covering off so you don’t have to deal with components out of alignment.

Mater is also raised slightly by the plastic blue “water.”

(that’s the back TRY ME button).

Mater is the regular diecast with the “foam attachment.”

Some people have an issue with the pink foam. I have no real issues with it and find it acceptable. In theory, it could be better but it could certainly be worse.

If you look at the clip from the film, these are oddball looking dark pink foam and frankly, I like the more transparent look better. Sure, you can argue it looks like Mater was belched up by an alien but that’s always an issue with toys with things latched onto them, they always arguable look a little weird – in a perfect world, there would be a foam & water reservoir that would actually shoot up and coat Mater and then clean him. I imagine for about $249, it’s plausible …  but for now, I find the pink foam perfectly acceptable.

But I do find one thing weird & strange about SDCC 2012 Mater, yes, he is NON-REMOVEABLE.

There is a tab under his transmission/engine that holds him in place.

I did not want to snap it off and I did not want to remove the battery casing in the case to get at this section of the base. I’m sure once you all get yours, some enterprising person will post us a video or instructions but until then, at least you know the kids won’t make off with Mater though my guess is any kid over the age of 7-months will snap it right off.

Yes, the tab seems mostly illogical because it seems if you’re going to cost out a piece of plastic as a tab, why not just make a “better” wheel block at the front of the unit to prevent Mater from slipping off (there is one already). You could also argue that it hardly matters if Mater slips off since it’s not like he’s a tiny piece where kids might swallow him. Mater is raised slightly when you start the lights & sounds as the “water spout” pushes up – so yes, he might slide forward slightly but it seems like the better option available are to a) design a water spout piece that does not push him forward, b) block him with a small piece of plastic in the front, c) create a tab under his engine but allow us to attach or detach him … all those seem better options than a permanent lock. It’s pretty weird because it seems that extra tab latch seems to be the most expensive solution plus the most annoying …

But I’m sure someone will figure out how to safely remove him …or after SDCC, I will just use good old Hulk force. It works for everything else I own … in 2 pieces. 🙂

Or stab at thee area with an ice pick …

So, still nice. Could be better but nice enough.

You can find buying info here.




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