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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: San Diego Comic Con 2012

It looks like it’s really happening – it was rumored but now it looks like it’s actually happening …

This year’s Comic-Con vehicle captures the hilarious scene from Cars 2 when our beloved Mater finds himself in a Tokyo bathroom stall. Just like in the movie, Mater is surprised with flashing lights, catchy music, and a thorough scrub down! This memorable moment comes to life with moving side jets, as well as a jet that springs up to clean Mater’s undercarriage, lifting his back wheels off the floor. Covered in suds, Mater experiences hi-tech action unlike anything he’s ever seen in Radiator Springs!

It takes three batteries and while there’s no actual pic of Mater yet, hopefully, we will gets Sudsy Mater …

But it sounds like the playset will replicate this clip from the film (without any water or suds shooting out, of course) …

So, that sounds pretty promising – actual interactivity …

And the box looks nice so far …

Like last year, you can pre-order (not YET!) if you are definitely going to SDCC, you pick it up there (with ID and all that) or of course, wait in line (or for East Coasters, wait ON line) at the show to buy there.

(NOTE: If you select SDCC pickup and you do not personally pick it up, you “forfeit” it so ONLY pre-order if you are definitely going).

If there are extras, they will be available after the show online at MattyCollector.

It’s $30 each not including shipping.

As usual, Kevin NASCARBronco will take pre-orders to help out if you’re not attending – I’m sure he will add his email below. If there any other volunteers, drop a line below and you can work out your arrangement. I will also add this as a forum topic if you want to continue it there.

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  • NascarFan says:

    Okay, as of today. June 6th, 2012.

    I am going to re open the list back up for a limited number of SDCC requests.

    I have another person going with me now and can take on a little more.

    This other person coming with me, Dennis D., has two single day passes and his airline tickets were bought last night.

    We are going to try and ship FROM San Diego with two other TFADer’s help.

    What does NOT get packed and ready for the post office on Monday will be driven back here to Utah and shipped throughout that week and weekend.

    All orders are filled in the order you paid.

    IF YOU are in no hurry, and can wait for the trip back to Utah and mail from here, please let me know, and I will take those notes on to the Buyers List and get others’ items out ahead of yours.

    We have had alot of requests for Monster High Dolls

    Monster High Dolls: 40.00 each plus shipping.


    All other items are 12.00 over cost.

    For now, you can be on the “Secondary SDCC List” by emailing your requests.

    ONCE you pay, we are committed, you are committed.

    I have spots open for K.I.T.T. and Scooby now again.

    I also have spots open for other Mattel items.

    Mattycollector page is all but sold out, only K.I.T.T.car is still up

    We MIGHT have time to get to Hasbro booth.
    no guarantees on hasbro or any other items.

    Thank you


  • NascarFan says:


    I am going to be canceling invoices that are not paid and that have not made arrangements.

    Those canceled invoices will be removed from the list.

    Most of these invoices have been out there a while and no replies from those that wanted these items.

    I do not and will not be getting extras from SDCC.

    If you are “on the fence” about getting anything, you might want to make a choice.
    VERY FEW Maters are still up on Mattycollector page for preorder.

    Very few K.I.T.T. cars still up also. I expect this and the Scoobys to sell out by Friday noon July 13th, 2012
    The K.I.T.T. has lights and sounds and I have a fair list for them.
    52.00 each plus shipping.

    I do have 3 spares for Scooby that were never paid for.
    32.00 each plus shipping.

  • NascarFan says:

    Okay, 2012 SDCC Update:

    ALL “Locked In” emails have been sent out to those that have paid in advance.

    If you did NOT get a “Locked In” email and you have PAID in advance, please let me know, I will correct this.


    (cross posted to the various TFAD posts on the 2012 SDCC subject because not the same people follow all of the same subjects)

  • NascarFan says:

    A cool 2012 SDCC Batman Dark Knight Rises figure video was just released.


    Scott Neitlich, aka Toy Guru, gives you a preview of three 2012 figures: The Dark Knight Rises Batman (in amazing packaging featuring Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave, plus lights and sounds) and from MOTUC, the Snake Men 2-pack and Horde Prime.

  • NascarFan says:


    Several invoices have been sent out and most of you have paid. Thank you.

    Some invoices are not paid.

    If you have not received an invoice, please contact me as soon as possible. I will correct this.

    If you have received an invoice and have not paid, please let me know if you need more time or cancel your order.

    I would like to get these prepaid by May 28th, 2012 at midnight mountain time.

    Prepayments that are paid are moved up in order on the list from “being on the list”

    Since some people do not track comments on all SDCC posts, this is cross posted on all SDCC posts.



  • NascarFan says:


    Invoice have started to go out for 2012 SDCC items.

    Reminder: SHIPPING is billed LATER.

    I never know what sizes of boxes to bring, or have delivered to the hotel, so shipping is always up in the air.

    If you were “confirmed” On The List, and have NOT received a paypal invoice please contact me right away.

    Final order of First come First Serve is determined by the payments.


  • pcdaly says:

    I have a question about Mack the Hauler and it’s sort of related to a murder mystery:

    Could you look at the following UK Daily Mail article –and specifically at the second photo of the article (living room of the late Gareth Williams, UK mathematician born in Wales, top secret security clearance in intelligence agency at GCHQ, on loan to MI-6 when he died, sometime visitor to America’s NSA campus) to determine if the Disney Pixar Mack truck carrying case visible on the glass table is from the movie Cars or the sequel Cars2?

    I think the decals are identical to the Cars2 Mack Transporter as seen on the UK version of amazon

    The only problem with it being Cars2 merchandise, however, is that the movie Cars2 was released in June 2011, but Gareth Williams was found dead, stuffed into a red duffel bag in his bathtub in August 2010.

    The UK Daily Mail article implies (but does not state) that the photos are from 2010. Can you determine whether the Mack Transporter in the Gareth Williams living room photo was available (for purchase in a retail store or at a Disney themepark in Europe or USA) before his 2010 death?

    Also, do you know when the basic storyline for Cars2 was finalized? or how much was finalized by August 2010 (when Williams died)?

    I ask, because (and this can be just a coincidence), at the beginning of the movie Cars2 Leland Turbo is a red British spy car who is caught and crushed into a red cube.

    (MET: I do a post tomorrow on my thoughts).

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    This is way cooler than last year’s Cars exclusive.

  • NascarFan says:

    If anyone has 5 2010 SDCC Tokyo Maters let me know price and shipping.



  • Mike Manifold says:

    Wow! Kevin, may I please be on the list for 1 x Comic-Con Mater, and 2 Hot Wheels Scooby Doo Mystery Machines?! ~ Mike

  • NascarFan says:

    Also at SDCC:

    Hot Wheels® Masters of the Universe® Volkswagen Drag Bus

    Hot Wheels® Scooby-Doo!™ The Mystery Machine

    Hot Wheels® K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand

    Monster High® – To be revealed. It’s a mystery to us, too!

    Polly Pocket® DC Comics Villains Set
    It’s a guaranteed adventure with this trio of comic-book character costumes for Polly® and her friends! Polly®, Lila® and Lea® arrive in a themed 3-pack dressed as their favorite DC Comics villains: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn

  • Wraukn says:

    I’ll take any new cars I can get!

  • Lorri says:

    Isnt there a Drift Mater or something, that is like Tokyo mater with oil, but without the oil?

  • flarf says:

    I’d be happy with that cool box!!

  • NascarFan says:

    As usual I will be going.

    I have a list started, you can be on it too.

    42.00 each plus shipping, I also have someone else going with me to be able to get to Hasbro line and maybe other places.


  • cac1959 says:

    This looks great!

  • Jack says:

    Looks like it might be cute. Personally I would have liked to see something a bit different than yet another Mater. I think I am kind of all Matered out already. I haven’t counted in a while but between the Toons and all the other Maters released we must be up to a high number now.
    Anyone know the exact # of Mattel Maters that have been released so far?

    • John in Missouri says:

      I don’t keep track of the metal vs. plastic content, and I won’t list cardback changes, but here is the list of Mattel 1:55 scale Mater’s (all are fixed eye only unless otherwise noted):

      Aviator Mater
      Bathroom Mater (?)
      Beanie Hat Mater
      Blowing Bubbles Mater (fixed eyes & googly eyes)
      Brand New Mater (fixed eyes & googly eyes)
      Cannonball Mater (two releases: clean version & dirty version)
      Dr. Abschlepp Wagen
      Dr. Mater (two releases: mask up & mask down)
      Drift Party Mater
      El Materdor
      Funny Car Mater
      Heavy Metal Mater
      High Dive Mater
      Mater (fixed eyes & googly eyes)
      Mater with Glow in the Dark Lamp (googly eye Chase)
      Mater with Hood (googly eye Chase)
      Mater with Oil Can (googly eye Chase)
      Music Video Mater
      One Eye Mater
      Pit Crew Mater
      Race Team Mater
      Rasta Mater
      Reindeer Mater
      Rescue Squad Mater
      Rescue Squad Mater (Ultimate Cars Gift Pack DVD version)
      Rescue Squad Mater (SDCC version)
      Rocket Mater
      Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater
      The Tormentor
      Tokyo Mater (SDCC version)
      Tokyo Mater with Oil Stains
      Wasabi Mater
      Winter Wee Hoo Mater

      Please remind which ones I ignorantly forgot!

  • John in Missouri says:

    SWEET animated .gif Met!

  • bubbabob says:

    Wild, just wild
    Can’t wait to see this one!

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