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Old Soviet Arcade Games: Large Mario, Zelda & Galaga Gap …

Looks like the West wins the Arcade Video Game arms-thumbs race …the new Museum of Soviet Arcade games …


Visitors are given a cup of Soviet-minted 15 kopek pieces and set loose to explore and play the various games, whether shooting down N.A.T.O. jets or playing goalie for the Soviet hockey team, it’s the standard adolescent male fantasy world—and a treat for pop culture and history buffs—delivered at the drop of a coin.

Some great pics are online – in English at the Museum online.

Original article here at CoolHunting.



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26 March 2012 Video Games 4 Comments


  • Tom says:

    That is cool, I like how you can play on of the gamse on the website (guess they are working on adding more). Not quite as fun without a frozen Coke and Journey music playing in the background though!

  • Mike Manifold says:

    I remember Crazy Climber! Ms. Pac Man is my favorite arcade game. Fave Atari 2600 game would be Kaboom. This museum is very interesting. I love how you use the Soviet coins to operate the machines. The last surviving classic arcade is located in DeKalb, IL – called Starworlds – look it up!

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      Kaboom was da bomb! No pun intended.

      As far as arcades go, I was always more into pinball than video games.

      KISS was the very first machine I played. Twilight Zone, Theatre of Magic, and The Addams Family are my favorites. On August 1994, I also remember scoring my first #1 on a Star Trek:TNG machine, at the Flying J truckstop in Texarkana, AR. That month is ingrained in my head because I had another ‘first’ then too. 😉

  • John in Missouri says:

    My favorite arcade game was Crazy Climber.

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