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NFL Gear: Tim Tebow New York Jets & Manning Broncos Gear

Literally, hot off the t-shirt presses

No, he won’t actually be wearing ZERO-ZED. If you click through, he’s been assigned #15.

Apparently 0 or 00 are not allowed in the NFL right now (older players wearing them were grandfathered in).

you can see the full chart of allowable numbers by position in the NFL (also the only professional league with number ranges assigned by position). If you know this chart by heart, I bow before you as the geek of all football knowledge. 🙂


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25 March 2012 Sports 9 Comments


  • Tom says:

    I’m surprised the Redskins passed on both of these guys, it is just like them to fritter millions on has-beens and also-rans.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I used to generally know these numbers, but not the exact ranges — did that make me a pseudo-geek?

    Also, didn’t the (baseball) Yankees originally wear the numbers of their fielding positions? So the catcher was #2, the 1st baseman was #3, etc.?

  • Bumper Save says:

    I bet I could get a Manning Colts or Tebow Broncos jersey super cheap right now.

  • Jack says:

    Only the Jets can give their under performing QB an extension and then sign Tebow thereby creating an instant QB controversy, despite the fact that they needed to spend money elsewhere for say a pass rusher, right tackle etc.
    It’s a lucky thing for Woody Johnson that he was born into the Johnson and Johnson empire. With the decisions he makes he wouldn’t be able to manage a Car wash in the unprivileged life most of us live. This season is going to be another joke for Jets fan.
    Call it the year of the foul mouthed fat coach with 2 QBs that can’t actually throw the ball.

  • John in Missouri says:

    The only professional athlete gear I’ve ever bought were Sosa & McGwire jerseys back in 1998 when I (from Chicago) married my wife (from St. Louis) and we wore them on our Honeymoon during the great home run race.

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