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Disney Acrylic Box Singles Now Available at the Disney Stores Online

If you’re Disney Store has been holding them back, the official release day is today … and now they are available online – even a sale – 2 for $12. This is the first release of David Hobbscapp and the first release of these other racers as singles.

There are also some “singles” on sale at $5 each.

And you can’t beat the pricing on the “playsets” also on sale at $5 each (these are actually scaled to the Mattel 1:55 series)

There is the standing offer of free shipping of $75 or more purchase.

Plush items are on sale in case you need a few more items … plus swimwear, is it already summer?


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20 March 2012 Disney Pixar CARS 3, Disney Store, Retail 14 Comments


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