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Sell or Trade in Your iPad 2 For the New iPad

The “new” iPad is coming out Friday to retail.


If you did not pre-order, shipping time is now 2-3 weeks, you can still order online at Apple.com.

Of course, you can go into the Apple store on Friday to try your luck. It will vary because there 2 colors (black or white), 3 storage choices (16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB), Wifi ONLY or + LTE with two carrier models (AT&T) and (Verizon). So, your actual choice might be the one still in stock. Presumably the 64 GB will be the easiest one to buy and probably the white one for the Verizon network. (Sprint compatible ipads are not announced yet).

Also, in theory, Walmart, Target, Best Buy & Radio Shack + the two telcos stores will get some in stock – you might want to call ahead to check.

How about trading in your old/older iPad. The Apple stores will offer you “Apple credit” with their Recycle-Reuse program on the spot – if you bring in your old iPad – up to $320 which is probably the lowest amount but the easiest as you don’t have to mail anything in and wait for payment – especially if all you want to do is turn around to buy the new iPad.

Amazon will offer up to $460 in trade in with their program. However, Amazon does not actually sell the iPad directly so you cannot turn it around to apply it to a new iPad. iPads listed on Amazon cost more than regular list but if you were planning on buying something else/want Amazon credit and just purchase the iPad separately, it’s a way to go.

Print a shipping label and packing slip, package your items, and ship them for FREE. An Amazon.com Gift Card will be deposited into your account upon receipt of items.

It’s convenient and you can obviously trust Amazon as it will be painless.

Another place that also lets you ship a trade in free to them is Gazelle.

eBay now lets you sell the item directly to them or go the old fashion route and create your own listing. Obviously they give you less if they buy it directly but of course, you save time, hassles and fees.

Good luck!


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15 March 2012 Apple, ipad 3 Comments


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