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Disney Pixar CARS 2: New Disney Store CARS 2 Acrylic Boxes

These are not scheduled to be released until next Monday but some stores have jumped the guns or you can call and ask, they might bring them out for you.

“chevyman46933” was able to grab some early ones – the two most notable ones are:
Rip Clutchgoneski’s first release as a single – previously he was only available in the 20-CAR box set …

And the totally new – first release of David Hobbscapp as a diecast.*
*He is not on any official Mattel list as a single or as a 2-pack but probably will part of a box set.  But unknown as of now.
There are also some other “new single” releases that were previously only available in box sets but unlike Rip, they were available in smaller box sets so it’s not as big of a commitment difference.
I do not know if there is an expression or eye difference as I do not have every Disney Store set to reference.
And in most instances, the recent sales have been pretty great so buying a box set was/is cheaper than buying the singles …
Thanks for the nice pics, “chevyman46933” – here’s his wall o’collection … NICE!
You can check out the rest of the photos HERE. Though I guess he has not bought Lightning in his box? Or re-bought? 🙂

Including the Figure Playset with the camera (note, these are resin and the wheels do NOT roll, they are display only).

If the description reads DIE CAST, then they have rolling wheels.

The “new” singles are NOT online yet but should be in a few weeks if you do not live near a Disney store.

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  • chevyman46933 says:

    the new 10 were just put on disneystore.com 2 for $12

  • D J says:

    How are prof.z and ape new? I thought they have been out for a long time.

    (MET: New together as “singles.”)

    • chevyman46933 says:

      I didn’t do the post and I’m not sure why that one was added. You are right it was an original release late last year. Perhaps metroxing who made the post though they had new faces. Please see comment below I posted which ten are actually the new releases for next week

  • Bumper Save says:

    Good stuff chevyman! That pic might encourage me to actually buy DS cars.

  • BMW says:

    One DS told me that the release date is on the 26th for the single Rip, Another store said its exclusive to the box set and isn’t coming as a single. When I told the cast member at the second store that these were for sale already on ebay, they said sorry they aren’t selling them early, although they have them in the stockroom.

    I will get the DS version Rip for now. And the Mattel launcher when it comes out.. I bought DS Dracula Mater and Materhosen since Mattel doesn’t make those 2 versions of Mater.

    Has Disney Consumer Products given DS first release rights on Cars 2 Characters?

    • chevyman46933 says:

      i noticed at my store the best sellers so far appear to be david hobbscapp, only a couple remaining and rip also only a couple remaining.

      if someone would like i can pick up a few requests and all you have to do is cover shipping of course.

      email me at chevyman46933@yahoo.com and let me know, as ill be there tomorrow (march 12)

  • LUCA says:

    Nice…i want the display boxes without cars inside..Possible??

  • John in Missouri says:


  • Jack says:

    The 2 new ones look great, too bad it’s the Disney size that we dont collect. How much longer Mattel?

    • chevyman46933 says:

      there are actually 10 new “deluxe singles” obviously tho most were available in other “box sets” before this tho.

      new for the deluxe singles are: (pics are at my link)

      security finn
      rip clutchgoneski
      carla veloso
      max schnell
      raoul carole
      david hobbscapp
      shu todoroki
      nigel gearsly
      lewis hamilton

  • cac1959 says:

    Very nice… your display boxes look very nice on the shelves… I think the Rip single is going to be a pretty big seller.

    Now if only Mattel would get their 1:55 act together.

    I like the Crabby and Siddeley; I bought them a couple of months ago… Some of the older Disney Store items were very nice… the light up Tunerz 2 packs… the gigantic Frank… the Tow Mater and Radiator Springs Courthouse playsets.

    • chevyman46933 says:

      thanks! i put the shelf up in about ten mins, i have to remove and paint it this coming weekend.
      im also gonna put up my collection pics, i mean my sons collection 🙂

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