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Bling & Lock Up Your Laces …
Posted in Gadgets on 10 February 2012
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Finally, you can make a statement with your laces (or send a message to those laying about your feet). Word. Or words … And best of all, you can customize them … I predict this lace lock might sweep the nation …  🙂 Check out at SpeakEasy Goods.

Too Much Junk Mail – Now There’s an App for That …
Posted in IOS, ipad, iPhone on 10 February 2012
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Launch PaperKarma, the iOS app. Snap a pic of the junk mail you do not want. “We’ve spent the past year building up a huge database of U.S. companies that send mail (of) all types … For each company, we’ve figured out who the privacy officer is, or who in customer service manages their so […]

George Lucas Says Greedo Shot First ALWAYS
Posted in Film on 10 February 2012
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George Lucas Says Greedo ALWAYS Shot First … apparently we were just NOT watching close enough … “… But obviously it upset people because they wanted (Han) Solo … to be a cold-blooded killer, but he actually isn’t. It had been done in all close-ups and it was confusing about who did what to whom. […]

The Beauty of Pixar: 11 Years Compilation
Posted in Disney Pixar on 10 February 2012
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Leandro Copperfield spent 11 days re-watching all 11 Pixar feature films, & hand-selected 500 scenes to made an amazing tribute to the best animation studio on the planet.