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Sears Says, “$2.4 Billion” In Losses … No Biggie … We Got It …
Posted in Financial on 25 February 2012
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(there are a few clouds) Lou D’Ambrosio, Sears Holdings’ CEO/president, said, “It’s also important to distinguish between our earnings issue and the strength of our balance sheet, where we have significant assets and liquidity. We are further strengthening the balance sheet by approximately $1 billion through the actions we are announcing today regarding Hometown, outlet, […]

Amber with Dinosaur Feather Embedded: Jurassic Park, Here We Go!
Posted in History on 25 February 2012
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Okay, we can’t really re-create dinosaurs from extracted DNA in amber but fun to believe … More cool pics at There is talk of trying it with ostrich eggs. This should end well. 🙂 Much less scary – soon we’ll be able to print 3D dinosaur bones …

Disney Pixar CARS 2: Mia & Tia in Italy
Posted in Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 on 25 February 2012
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Right-click for the full size … Found it in a folder – can’t remember where it came from but if you need Mia & Tia visiting Francesco as a mini wallpaper, here ya go.

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: Micro Drifters Mack Carrying Case
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3, Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 on 25 February 2012
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First look at the Mack carrying case with Micro Drifters singles (not included with Mack). Practically street ready and legal – as long as there are no winds above .25 MPH, bridges built with 100 foot tall arches and moving at .2 miles per hour. 🙂 Door opens down on the side … And the […]