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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Disney Store 15% Coupon Extended to Tonight Midnight

If I’m reading the Disney Store 15% off Coupon Code correctly – some CARS 2 items are 65% off? Since many items are already 50% off – The COUPON CODE is:


… Takes another 15% off.

A lot of the stores are empty or in short supply so it might be easier just to order it online. You also get free shipping with a $75 purchase.

Let us know if you get 65% off on some products?

Rest of the clearance stuff from yesterday’s post is HERE.

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28 December 2011 Disney Pixar CARS 3, Disney Store One Comment

One Comment

  • chuki_mama says:

    Great savings —when the code takes another 15% off, even on sale prices.

    Unfortunately, most of the items that were on sale yesterday are not on sale any more.

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