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The True Meaning of Christmas

Sometimes the true meaning of Christmas gets lost in the run up to Christmas … and it is like a run up – a full speed process with regular life going on … never mind the crazy grinches who steals presents or attack their fellow man to score a waffle maker … but how about a couple nice stories to make you forget the idiots. 🙂

“The layaway “attic” at the Missoula Kmart looks a little like Santa’s workshop, with gifts for boys and girls of all ages, ready to go. But many of the gifts weren’t going anywhere because the would-be owners were late with their payments.

That’s when a mysterious Santa entered the store … a man walked into a local Kmart and anonymously paid off ALL the items on layaway Tuesday afternoon at the Missoula Kmart.”

Via KPAX (also video).

JCP Loss Prevention manager tracks down woman who lost her $300 cash envelope while shopping – with no name or address in the envelope, just a few hints …

Read the full story at the HelenaIR.

Nice. We could use more nice.



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15 December 2011 Internet 4 Comments


  • Tom says:

    All you would be Santas, don’t forget


    or some other Christmas gift program, share those Cars!

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Nice story, indeed. A refreshing contrast to the two stories in the local morning news today. One involves the theft of an 80-lb concrete Baby Jesus from someone’s nativity scene (filled with concrete specifically to prevent it from being taken again this year). The other was footage from a homeowner’s security system showing two teenagers smashing his outdoor decorations with baseball bats. Sick, twisted people…

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    very cool story

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