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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: The Pope Rides in Popemobile Style

Of course, the Pope can’t just randomly roll down any street, he needs a proper Popemobile …

You rang, sir? (the big velvetly rope attached to the big bell).

In case you’re not able to pick up the Pope at the same time, you get a paper replica with stand as a placeholder … or a cruel mock Pope that taunts you … in Latin.

Or if you enjoy the conspiracy thing – the “shadow” Pope if you will …

Officially licensed.

All aboard.

Be on the lookout for Dan Brown …

But the real reason for security?

Tourists. They have NO BOUNDARIES.

Still hard to find in stores but ChildrensToyCloset has full sealed cases with the Pope Pinion IV.

A real wacky box set would be Pope Pinion III, II & the original Pope Pinion – Model T?

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  • babychristiancars says:

    These are one of the few I will buy 1 extra of each for holding on to.

  • carscrazydd says:

    I just scored a case at a Wal Mart here in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday early a.m. Contents 2 Popemobile, 2 Pope Pinion IV and 2 Double Decker Bus.

    The guy stocking was going to return the case to over-stock as there was no room on the pegs for the new product, extra-loaded with Submarine Finn – deluxe pegs have been staying very warm for a while. Just happened to walk in at the right time, picked up 2 sets of the new HW Nostalgia DC Comics release and 2 sets of HW Christmas Cars release also.

    Target has Cars singles on clearance for 2.99, new product cases in the stock room and won’t put them out until LM with Racing Wheels, Race Team Mater and Finn McMissile sell down a bit. I think this is happening every where – older product is just not moving, too much production.

    I have slowed down on hunting – same old stuff on the pegs everywhere.

    • deal or no cars says:

      Canada got Mega size / Deluxe Case H :

      This is what case H was slated to :
      [1] Submarine Finn McMissile
      [1] Red
      [1] Hydrofoil Finn McMissile
      [2] Pope Pinion IV
      [1] Popemobile

      Finally the real H case is :
      3 Hydrofoill Finn
      1 Red
      1 Pinion Tanaka

      SO once again Canada got Screwed .. NO POPEMOBILE for us!

  • Jack says:

    These are some of the nicest new releases in a long time. No doubt they will become highly sought after and valuable down the line. Of course depending how many cases they are included in but I see them being in the Chuy neighborhood sometime in the no so distant future.
    As true Itlalians I can see Luigi and Guido wanting to hitch a ride on the Pope Mobile. I’m sure they would be honored to change the the tires too. Not sure why Fred is in there except maybe because he is so small but perhaps Mama Topolino would like to ride in the mobile even more. She will even bring the food to feed the pope for his troubles.
    Something to think about anyway. With a freak October snow storm hitting NYC there isn’t much else to do. Just glad Winter is still almost 2 months away. I don’t even want to think about how bad January and February will be.
    I’ll tell you if this supposed global warming gets any worse we will freeze to death. Maybe if we keep paying more global carbon taxes it will snow in August next. Funny how they could keep telling us global warming is such a problem but it’s not actually getting warmer.
    I would welcome some real warming. I wouldn’t mind swimming today as opposed to snow shoveling already.

    • Shelby says:

      Power outages all over the place here in NH – this is insane!!! Kids are going to trick-or-treat in over a foot of snow tomorrow night! No shopping for me :(. Could use some help on the Pope cars and also Monster High Abbey Bominable doll!!!

      Teal048 at aol dot com

  • PirateDad says:

    Tourists!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Dunroamin says:

    haha…dan brown…love it…
    Angels and Demons was on TV last night

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