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Conflict History – Man, War & Google Maps
Posted in News on 12 October 2011
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It’s still in BETA so while there is a search (top right) … sadly and sadly, all the minor and major conflicts, skirmishes and wars are listed, it’s a little hard to access … but an interesting start … Conflict If you reload the main page, it will randomly select an era. To navigate […]

Apple iPhone 4S – You Can Be Siri-ious Delirious
Posted in iPhone on 12 October 2011
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Of course, while nearly everyone who owns an iPhone can upgrade for free to IOS 5, the new SIRI feature only works on the iPhone 4S … and it looks pretty freakin’ amazing in action … STUFF.TV shows you all the things it can understand and do and at the end, an British accent means […]

The iPhone 4S Power Button Move & a Protective Case …
Posted in IOS, iPhone on 12 October 2011
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Of course, now that you are getting the new iPhone 4 and when your 2-year old needs it, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case (for iPhone/ipods) is out … or if you don’t want to lose your phone and/or you like biting your phone and/or drooling on it … 🙂 Fisher Price also offers […]