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Zebras Good For Cattle
Posted in movies, Science on 30 September 2011
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I don’t know much about cattle ranching and if zebras can really help but I’m ALL for more zebras roaming the countryside whether it’s Kenya, California or Texas! “Our findings provide further evidence that biodiversity conservation and economic development can be simultaneously achieved in human-occupied savanna landscapes,” Via Maybe the phrase, All Hat, No […]

How Do You Say-Imply “Selling Ice to Eskimos?” in German?
Posted in Travel on 30 September 2011
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Taking coals to Newcastle/Selling ice to the Eskimos Russian: Yezdit’ b Tulu s svoim samovarom He’s going to Tula, taking his own samovar German: Eulen nach Athen tragen Taking owls to Athens Hungarian: Vizet hord a Dunába He’s taking water to the Danube Spanish: Es como llevar naranjas a Valencia It’s like taking oranges to Valencia […]

Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Christmas CARS 2011
Posted in Disney Pixar, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 30 September 2011
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Looks like it’s Christmas stocking season at toys R Us already … Thanks for the pic, Mariela P! This is the first ever release of Snowplow Lightning McQueen paired with Whee-Hoo (Snow Cap) Mater together. Last year Whee Hoo Mater was available in the Santa CAR 3-pack AND as a single.Whee-Hoo Mater does not appear […]

The Internet Community Can Solve Medical Mysteries? Who Knew?
Posted in Uncategorized on 29 September 2011
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Are you a brainac? Do you have free time at work? Play games to solve mankind’s mysteries! Checkout FOLDIT. Unraveling a retrovirus For more than a decade, an international team of scientists has been trying to figure out the detailed molecular structure of a protein-cutting enzyme from an AIDS-like virus found in rhesus monkeys. Such […]

The Fox Tv Series Terra Nova Review
Posted in Uncategorized on 29 September 2011
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They are re-airing it this weekend. Since the series in year one (13 episodes) is going to cost $50 million (at least), Fox is rolling the big dice on it. They were hoping it was an immersive experience like AVATAR with scary beasts JURASSIC PARK (obviously) and spooky mystery like LOST. Or appointment TV. It […]

Another Amusing Poster From Pop Lab Chart – Hollywood Haircuts Roundup
Posted in Design on 28 September 2011
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Now you walk into your barber shop and ask for a Chewbacca. 🙂 From Pop Lab Chart (they have other fun posters).

Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecasts: Japan Takara Tomy Playsets – Wicked Cool
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3 on 28 September 2011
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On the surface, this giant McQueen doesn’t look much much … But push down on McQueen and he OPENS UP INTO … Yep, he opens up in a track! (see the video below for all its functions). There’s also a Mater that converts into the oil rig! They run about $65-$80 with the Yen to […]

For All Old School DC Comic Geeks
Posted in comics on 27 September 2011
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From Comics Cavern … Old School DC Color Guide DC decided to relaunch all their titles this year – Comic Booked has gathered up all the covers (some NSFW).

Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecasts: Takara Tomy Checklist (Video Link)
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3 on 27 September 2011
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If you’re collecting the Japanese Takara Tomy CARS 2 diecasts, here’s your checklist. While these are 1:64 in scale, they all diecast metal – no plastic front plates and skimping on metal – they are rock solid and HEAVY. The “re-release” series. The CARS 1 CARS seem a little off kilter in their size and […]