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Buying a Digital Camera: The Sensor Size Database
Posted in Design, Gadgets on 24 October 2011
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If there’s a single factor that predicts the quality of the photos you’ll get from a camera, a single letter grade that lets you compare cameras, it’s this: the sensor size. Big sensors absorb more light, so you get sharper detail, better color, and clearer low-light images. Small sensors, on the other hand, pack too […]

Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft Concept Car & Diving Scooter
Posted in Design on 24 October 2011
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In case you’re on an oil platform and being chased by gasoline burning cars and you need to make a quick aquatic escape … Aquaman will give you a ticket so be careful. The Volkswagen Aqua air cushion vehicle runs on more than one engine. Its hydrogen fuel cell-powered primary motor runs the main fan […]

John Lasseter to Get Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
Posted in Disney Pixar on 24 October 2011
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John Lasseter has been selected to get a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star next year. There’s no specific date but I’m guessing it’ll be just a few days before CARS Land opens next June or summer. 🙂 And Vin Diesel is on the list so it’s not exactly like getting a Nobel Prize. The full […]