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Are You Ready For Halloween? Last Minute Costumes & Builds

Lee Unkrich, the director of all three Toy Story’s recalls having to meet with Steve Jobs on October 31th many years ago … dressed like this …

And if you need some last minute costume ideas … one of my favorite scenes from TS …

Or the ultimate Pixar fanboy costume?

Good luck moving around all evening or trying to drink a beer … er, non-adult beverage but you will win the costume contest.

If you’re tired of answering the door bell and you want to automated the dispensing of candy – how about a fancy choice for your trick or treaters, they can tweet, email or press a button and get candy …

Full instructions are here at Instructables.com

And another one from the internet …

Happy Hallow’s Eve!



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27 October 2011 Internet 4 Comments


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